The Amazing Spider-Man #583

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #583 - Platonic released by Marvel on March 2009.

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    After the revelations of “Mind on Fire”, love is in the air for more than one member of the cast and Pete finally gets some time out with the ladies. (and who better to bring it to you than two men who both had dates as recently as 1987!)

    Amidst the romance though, forces are gathering that will spell trouble for Peter in the months to come. Plus, a backup story featuring Spider-Man meeting the President-elect Barack Obama.

    Betty tells (us) the story of her friend, Peter Parker. Spider-Man is fighting a lame villain and Betty wonders where Peter is. She's decided to try to get him a girlfriend and takes him to a 'speed dating' night at a restaurant. None of them go well for Peter. Next they stop by the FEAST shelter because Peter wants to walk Aunt May to the train. He talks to her in private and Betty figures he's trying to plan a surprise party for her birthday. Peter notices a mugger run by and makes a lousy excuse to get away. Betty tries to offer to walk May but she tells her she'll be fine.

    The next day Betty finds Peter is not at home when they were supposed to get him a new haircut (he was out fighting Menace). The next day she meets Peter at the Front Line office. She tries to talk to Robbie as he catches a cab but he says he's in a rush. Later she (literally) bumps into J. Jonah Jameson Sr (not knowing who he is). When their conversation turns to him not knowing anyone, she gives him May's phone number.

    Betty has set up a date with friend of hers but of course he's late. The drinks come and they both have too much. When Peter finally arrives, he finds that Betty's friend is getting to know someone else. Peter takes Betty to the Coffee Bean to set her straight. Strangely, Harry seems to be in a bad mood. Peter gets Betty a cab and she hopes he won't let her down for their plans to be together on her birthday.

    Betty sits waiting for Peter in her apartment. When he arrives, she dressed up, ready to go out. He tells her he had planned on staying in, eating take-out, watching a rented movie and eating a cupcake with a candle. Sitting through the movie, she finally confronts him about the party she knows he was planning. She is upset because he knew it was a big deal for her and he blew it. Peter tries telling her he tried. No one wanted to come. May was upset about what she wrote about her boss Mr. Li (who is secretly Mister Negative), Harry's mad because she's been going after his girlfriend (Lily Hollister)'s dad in the paper and Robbie is upset because when they all quit the DB, she stayed behind. Thinking everyone hates her, she asks if he does too. Peter tells her no one hates her. He says he knows what it's like to be unpopular at your job.

    They spend the rest of the night talking, playing checkers and drinking. Betty says that Peter is a good friend, her best friend.

    "Spidey Meets The President!"

    Peter Parker has been sent to take pictures of the Presidential inauguration. As Barack Obama arrives, another limo pulls up with another Obama. Peter, knowing things could get bad, changes into Spider-Man. The Secret Service don't know what to do so Spidey suggests asking them both questions that only the real Barack Obama would know. When one poorly answers every single question, the Chameleon reveals himself and gets punched by Spider-Man.

    With things under control, Spidey figures he should leave before Biden sees him (he mistook him for the Vulture one time). Obama stops him, tells him he's been a fan and thanks him. Obama is sworn in as President.



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    This is a Betty Brant coverage story 0

    Pros:  The first part of the issue is told in Betty Brant's perceptive on her friend Peter Parker, despite what the covers lead you to believe. Besides trying to improve Peter's life, she is looking forward to her birthday coming up and she suspects that Peter has something plan for her and its the opposite of what happens when you think about it.  Despite being a supporting character, if you read any of the issues during Brand New Day with Betty in it, you could probably tell some of the tensio...

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