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With Spider-Man in her grasp, the Brand New is close to the greatest victory of all – the unmasking and death of Spider-Man. Can DAREDEVIL rescue him in time? Ummm…doesn’t look that way, does it? Also, Vin Gonzales’s life is on the line – can his roommate Peter Parker beat the odds? Marc Guggenheim and Phil Jimenez bring you the pulse-pounding conclusion to the introduction of the New (but really, look at the cover, Spidey-Fan – can’t ya figure out who she is?!)

Spider-Man (dressed in one of Daredevil's spare costumes) is fighting a crazed Vermin.  He wonders what could make Vermin so crazy.  Using his webbing, he pins him to a wall.  Vermin is confused that "Daredevil" is using webbing.  He says that Spider-Man uses webs and he's "under."  Spidey asks Vermin where "Spider-Man is and Vermin tells him he's down in his tunnels.  Vermin also tells him that "she" hurt him.  Spider-Man figures out it has to be the same girl that recently purchased drugs to boost Spider-Man's powers. 

Down below, the new Kraven is on the hunt.  Officer Vin gets the jump on her but it doesn't last long.  He puts up a decent fight but even with some boosted powers, he's still out-matched.  Just as Kraven is about to finish him, the real Spider-Man arrives (still in DD's costume).  As he fights her, he tells "Spidey" to get out of there, playing along that he thinks Vin is actually Spider-Man.  He then throws one of his web-shooters to Vin and tells him to use it on her.  Kraven is webbed up but has the super-strength to rip herself free.

Spider-Man continues to fight her and soon finds himself getting beaten down.  He is surprised to say that "Spider-Man's gonna save" him as Vin hits her from behind with a metal pipe.  Spidey then decides that they'd both be better off getting out of there.  They are both too beaten to take her on with her speed and strength.

As they run down a tunnel, they find a swarm of rats coming their way.  Following is Vermin.  He jumps at Kraven, allowing Spidey and Vin to escape.  "Daredevil" takes Vin to the hospital.

Later he is visited by Harry, Lily, Carie and Peter.  Vin is thankful to Daredevil.  He tells them his police suspension has been lifted and everyone is pretty sure he's not actually Spider-Man by the way he was beaten.  After they are told visiting hours are over, Peter returns as Spider-Man.  He tells Vin that he has decoys around the city to protect his secret identity.  He tells Vin that he had the right build, lives in the city, is a police officer, etc and it all worked for him.  Vin replies by decking him.


Kraven is in tears at her home.  She mumbles about not expecting things to go this way.  She is talking to a woman.  She tells her that she is very much like "him."  Especially by bringing her trophy (Vermin, all bound up).  She tells Kraven that her little tricks almost brought their enemy to them.  Smashing a spider-tracer, she tells Kraven that she is in fact "daddy's little girl." On a computer, a picture of Kraven is seen.  There is a wedding photo and a family tree with their names...

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