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    They say a picture's worth a thousand words... Well, for Peter Parker, the right picture is worth a million bucks! And what he does with it is really gonna change his life! This is a big one, Spidey Fans! We've got shake ups and break ups! Fake outs and freak outs! And a fight to the finish with one of Spider-Man's strangest foes: the fiendishly foldable PAPER DOLL! Miss this one, Marvelite, and you'll miss out on the BEST mystery guest of the YEAR! Here's a hint...she's a redhead!

    Flashback to Paperdoll. When her powers first developed, her parents didn't know what to do. Paperdoll would lock herself in her rooms and watch old Bobby Carr movies. One night, she believed that he spoke to her through her television saying they were meant to be together.

    Today. Paperdoll reads the paper saying that Bobby may have found the "one," a mysterious red-head. She won't have that and heads to his private estate in the Hamptons. Peter has been flown out by Dexter and promised two million dollars if he gets a shot of Bobby's mysterious girlfriend. Outraged, Robbie Robertson quits the DB.

    Sitting in a tree as Spider-Man, little does he know that the mysterious girl is Mary Jane. She has been coming out from L.A. for some time now to visit Bobby. She's not used to the secrecy but Bobby wants this part of his life kept out of the spotlight. Spider-Man notices the strange effect that follows Paperdoll and heads closer to the house. Leaving his camera on auto, a picture of Mary Jane and Bobby is taken.

    Inside, Bobby asks MJ if perhaps they could bring some of her friends over. She tells him that she hasn't told them that she's been coming out. As they prepare for bed, Paperdoll makes herself known to Bobby. MJ attacks Paperdoll, who is angered that she is even there. As Paperdoll moves to attack MJ, Bobby tells her to go to the panic room in the closet. As the door closes, Spider-Man arrives. MJ is able to watch the battle on several monitors. When she mentions that he's always making jokes, Spider-Man asks the voice if they've met. MJ says in another life.

    Spider-Man's arm is hit by Paperdoll's life sucking force. He recalls what Carly mentioned while examining one of Paperdoll's vicitims. It seems that the body was compressed and couldn't take in enough oxygen. Plugging Paperdoll's nose and mouth, she is forced back. Spider-Man grabs Paperdoll and heads to the bottom of Bobby's pool. Underwater, she begins to turn three-dimensional. As she comes out of the pool, Bobby is there, just like in his movie, and knocks out Paperdoll. Spidey asks why he didn't go in the panic room and he tells him that this is his personal life and wanted to fight for it.

    At the DB, Peter tells Dexter that he has photos of Spider-Man fighting Paperdoll and may even have a photo of the mystery girl. Rather than give the camera's memory card to Dexter, Peter snaps it in half. Dexter is ticked off. Peter is fired. This time he actually remembers Peter's name. Dexter informs him that he never gets a person's name wrong if they are on his list. It turns out he knows his complete name, parents' names, where he went to college and high school and even how much he weighed at birth. Peter is now at the top of the list.

    Peter later moves in with Officer Vincent Gonzalez. He does it as a favor to Carly. Even though he has a thing for her, it's become evident that she has a thing for Peter. Harry arrives and says he forgives Peter for being a paparazzi. He tells Peter he won't hassle him if he wants to pay him back the money he owes him. Peter gives him the last of his paparazzi money.

    At the airport, Mary Jane contemplates calling Peter. She is recognized by a fan who asks for her autograph. It turns out the fan is Sara Ehret, the name that Jackpot gave to Spider-Man as her secret identity. Sara asks MJ if she'll be coming back again, and MJ says she has no idea.



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    It is Clear! Brand New Day was created to please Quesada's Ego 0

    This was my very first copy I read of the Brand New Day timeline.  I found reading this comic was just like reading a Spiderman comicbook from the 1970's. There's only one problem with that WE ARE NO LONGER IN THE 1970'S ARE WE?!!!!It was clear to me that the writers were trying to bring back some of the storyline elements that were considered popular in the 1970's. Elements like romantic drama and romantic comedy were very popular to use in science fiction comicbooks during the 1960's and 1970'...

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