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The frighteningly funky and fearsome Freak returns, more powerful than ever! And this action-packed issue features the gorgeous art of Barry Kitson – fresh from Marvel’s THE ORDER! Plus: Menace! Curt Connors! Aunt May! Lots of innocent bystanders! Gale wrote it, Wacker edited it, and Marvel actually thought it was a good idea to publish it!

Peter Parker wakes up from a nightmare in which Freak is about to unmask him. He realizes that since the snow blizzard is over, Freak will most likely be emerging from his chrysalis stronger than he was before. He and Dr. Connors still haven't been able to locate it. At breakfast, he decides to tell Aunt May that he'll be moving out. He feels bad and doesn't want to leave her on her own. She turns away and says it'll be fine. Peter now thinks she's so hurt that she can't even look at him. In the other room, May thinks to herself, "Yessss!"

At Connor's lab, Curt is beating himself up over leaving the serums out rather than lock them up. He tells Spider-Man that the chrysalis will probably hatch this day. He's prepared some maximum pH that should be able to keep the chrysalis in stasis if they can find it in time. Curt tells Spider-Man that the worst case scenario would involve him needing to kill Freak. Spider-Man says there's no way he'll do that. Curt says that he can't actually be killed but perhaps suffocation or strangulation would work. Spider-Man is not comfortable with this even when Curt mentions that it's for the safety of others.

J. Jonah Jameson has been released from the hospital and returns home. To his surprise, Marla is not there. She's left a video message saying that she's left town and changed her number. She says she knows he may never forgive her for selling the Bugle but she did it out of concern for his health. She says she will not discuss the matter with him until he is fully rehabilitated and can control his temper. Jameson is ready to throw the television when the last part of her messages says she loves him and will forever. Now Jonah stands alone thinking over his actions.

Bill Hollister is having a campaign conference outside the shelter that Aunt May volunteers at. Peter is there covering the event, trying to get unflattering photos for Dexter Bennett. Peter gets a call from Dr. Connors (on his untraceable cell phone) saying that he's found out where the wreckage that contains Freak's chrysalis must be. He's on his way there with the pH. Peter gets ready to go when Menace appears to threaten Hollister. He tells him to drop out of the mayoral race or he will "face the consequences." Hollister refuses and Spider-Man appears. Officer Gonzalez announces that they have snipers all around. This makes it hard for Spider-Man to take out Menace. He has no choice but to go the opposite way of Menace in order to meet Connors to deal with Freak.

Just as Spider-Man arrives at the salvage yard, Freak breaks out of the debris. He recognizes Spider-Man right away and wants to destroy him for all that he's done to him. He tries setting him up amidst the wreckage but his plan doesn't work. Seeing Curt, he yells out, calling him his partner and tells him to take the drugs to his other hideout. Connors is confused but when Freak hears "drugs" he tears at Connors' car. Seeing two large packages filled with a white substance, Freak is like a kid in a candy store. Within moments he's knocked out and reverts to his chrysalis form.

Peter later meets with Harry as they watch news coverage of the mayoral race. Peter is concerned when Lily sends a message to Menace to "bring it" concerning the threats he made. Harry says they'll take precautions and isn't worried over it. Peter wonders if his calmness could have anything to do with Menace's similarities to the Goblin. He also thinks to himself that he hopes the authorities place Freak's chrysalis in a safe place. The scene cuts to the hazmat unit taking away Freak's body. Underneath the sign on the truck for the NYPD is a logo for Oscorp Enterprises...



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Bob Gale writes a fun one part story, you just need to get past the bad dialogue to fully enjoy it. Another problem with the issue is that it blantantly mirrors a scene from one of my favorite Spider-Man stories. When Spider-Man doesn't chase after Menace due to having somewhere more urgent to attend to, the public thinks he's a coward. This of course, is very similar to when Spidey ran from a battle with the Green Goblin all the way back in #17 due to Aunt May being ill, and garnering the sa...

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