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Month Four of Brand New Day is upon us and so is the worst blizzard in the history of New York City! It’s colder than an outdoor hockey game in January out there and your favorite Wall-Crawler (aided by his Avengers buddy, Wolverine) must find his way through the cold to rescue a doctor who may know the real secret behind the deadly storm.

Spidey is out in the snow, fighting against a horde of bow and arrow slinging costumed bad guys.

It all started when he was Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium and he asked Wolverine a simple question, "Is this your Fruit Loot?" Wolverine asks him about the headlines in the paper. Spidey quickly asks if he really thinks he'd kill someone. Wolverine tells him to relax because he knows he doesn't have it in him. Soon Dr. Strange's astral image arrives. Strange and Wolverine both mention that he should ask for help if he needs it since they are his teammates.

Spidey tells him that he'd rather handle his personal problems on his own. He jokingly tells Dr. Strange that it'd be a help if he made it stop snowing. Wolverine comments that he's using a Sorcerer Supreme as a weatherman.

Chanting some of his sorcerer mumbo jumbo, Strange basically says the storm is not natural and falls to the ground. Wolverine says that they need to check out what Strange said was going to go down at four o'clock.

Peter swings by the DB to check if any information has been received on Jonah's second heart attack. Betty tells him that strangely, Jonah isn't blaming Spider-Man for his heart attack. When he comes to, he just yells out Bennett's name. Bennett, himself, soon arrives and tells Peter he wants him in the city first thing in the morning to cover the storm's affect.

Later Spider-Man is sitting out in the cold waiting for Wolverine to show up. He sees a man running and jumps down to investigate. He soon sees three strangely armored guys with spears and arrows chasing the man.

Spider-Man sees the red glow of their eyes and recalls Strange's words on a threat with "eyes of red." He gets their attention and now they're after him. Trying to get to his stashed camera, Spider-Man almost gets an arrow in the back. It's blocked by Wolverine, who claims he used Spider-Man as bait to see how many there were.

The fight begins and Wolverine is close to dishing out some pain against the attackers. Spidey stops them and says they should alert the authorities. Wolverine passes to check on Dr. Strange. Spidey is left dragging the three goons to the police station through the snow.

On their way to the precinct, Spidey asks the dude why these guys were after him. He tells Spider-Man that he works with a team of engineers and mathematicians that were working on an algorithm that the Mayan culture may have used three hundred years ago. They started receiving threats from Mayan extremists saying the equations were sacred. That morning they were kidnapped and thrown in the back of a van. He just realizes that the rest of his team is still locked in the van. Spider-Man has to go back out in the van to save them before they (and he) freezes.



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