The Amazing Spider-Man #552

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #552 - Just Blame Spider-Man released by Marvel on May 1, 2008.

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    BRAND NEW DAY continues with two new web-slingin’ creators: Oscar-nominated screenwriter Bob (Back to the Future) Gale and artist extraordinaire Phil (NEW X-MEN, Infinite Crisis) Jimenez! What starts as a petty theft from a local Soup Kitchen turns into a chase that results in the birth of a brand-freaking-new Spidey villain – and we mean “Freak” literally! Plus: more JJJ! More Daily Bugle – oops, we mean DB! Repercussions from the actions of new villain, Menace! Curt Connors! And – what you’ve really been waiting for, true believer – Peter Parker does his own laundry! Will those stains come out? And what ARE those stains anyway? Find out in “Just Blame Spider-Man!”

    Jameson is still recovering in the hospital. He is going out of his mind because the doctors won't let him watch the news or read a newspaper. They fear he will have another heart attack. He still doesn't know that the Bugle has been bought by Dexter Bennett.

    Dexter has named the DB, the "official newspaper of Spider-Man" and has plastered the headline "Spider-Man: Serial Killer" on the front page. As he barks orders at everyone and still doesn't know their names, they find themselves actually wishing Jonah was there.

    Peter tries getting photos of Councilwoman Parfrey's funeral but it's closed to the press. He climbs in a tree and gets some good shots. He also sees Harry, Lily and her father there. He wonders what they are talking about as one of Bill Hollister's associates tells him he really should run for mayor against Crowne.

    Peter heads over to the shelter to help out Aunt May. While he's there, the junkie known as Freak steals the donation box. Peter says he'll go after him and then changes into Spider-Man. He almost has Freak trapped in his new "wall web" that he's developed but Freak uses the fear of Spider-Man to start a mild panic in the crowd. All this and Spidey ends up tearing his pants (and he picked this day not to wear underwear). He gets Freak cornered on a rooftop but the donation box falls. When Spider-Man jumps down to try to gather the money before the crowd grabs it all, a couple of police officers show up. He leaves the money and takes off.

    Freak also managed to take off by pulling himself out of his clothes that were webbed to some pipes. Trying to find his connection's meth lab, he falls into a skylight at a laboratory. He figures this is his lucky day when he finds several needles, not seeing the sign that says, "BIOHAZARD. Property of Curt Connors. BHK Stem Cell Project."

    Back at the shelter, Peter arrives to see the two officers are there. Officer Gonzalez is sure Spider-Man is guilty but Aunt May tells him it was a drug addict everyone calls Freak. Peter also tells him that he ran after him until he saw Spider-Man go after him.

    Later, Freak is in an alley massively throwing up. Cursing Spider-Man, he is enveloped by the gross stuff he threw up.

    A fundraiser/petition signing party is being held to try to convince Lily's dad to run for Mayor. Peter feels obligated to make a donation after Harry makes a very kind donation. Lily tries telling him he can't make one since he works for the DB and that's a Crowne paper. He says he'll take the chance but Carlie crosses his name off, telling him she's protecting him from himself.

    In the morning at the alley, a strange cocoon is hanging. When a waste management worker discovers it and tries touching it, it burns his fingers to the touch. Soon the police and Carlie are there trying to control the crowd and figure out what it is. In Connors' lab, he finds the mess and wonders what happened to his work. In the villains' Bar With No Name, wagers are made as to who will emerge from the cocoon ("that X-Men chick," her clone, Captain America, etc).

    Peter is going out of his mind trying to wash the cement and goo off of his costume and patching up the rip when he sees the news report on the cocoon. He heads over there to take some pictures just in time to see it explode open. A hideous Freak of nature emerges...


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    Wow this was a great issue! The art was amazing, and the story flowed very well. I don't really know why Mary Jane couldn't be involved in a story like that but hey watch gonna do. Anyways I believe the freak storyline will be a fan favorite in the future almost reminds me of the lizard story form way back when. I believe that this storyline has room for Doc Connors to enter the story maybe next week or the week after. Some of the comedy in this issue was overused but, what can you do they're do...

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