The Amazing Spider-Man #55

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #55 - Doc Ock Wins! released by Marvel on December 1, 1967.

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    Otto Octavius put Aunt May in the hospital. Now Spider-Man's got one thing on his mind: revenge!

    At the beginning of this issue, Spider-Man breaks into a secret base of Doctor Octopus's. He takes out all the thugs there, but there's no Doc Ock around. Spider-Man keeps on searching the underworld of the city, hoping to find Doctor Octopus.

    Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus is making more plans to steal the Nullifier (which he almost stole in Amazing Spider-Man #53). He has a spy planted who tells him the route the Nullifier will take to get to Stark Industries, where it needs some final repairs. Doc Ock works out how he can fit this into his plans, and comes up with a good scheme.

    The next night, whilst the Nullifier is being transported, the truck which it is stored in goes to investigate a maitenance truck. As it approaches, Doctor Octopus comes out of a manhole behind it. He throws some smoke grenades, then smashes all the locks of the convoy so that no one can follow him. Since the windows are bulletproof, the guards can't attack him back.

    Doc Ock decides that the place no one would expect him to go is Stark Industries, where the Nullifier was originally going to be taken. As he approaches the factory, he uses the Nullifier on its low frequency setting, so that it will shut down any electronical device. At this point Spider-Man shows up (about time!) and gets into a fight with Doc Ock. After Ock realises that Spider-Man is too strong to be defeated, he uses the Nullifier on him. Due to the radioactivity in Spider-Man's blood, it gives him amnesia, and Doctor Octopus tricks him into thinking that Spider-Man works for him!



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    And I Thought Venom Was Tough 0

    So we begin this issue with a very vindictive Spidey. Or is it a case of Spidey pmsing (sorry ladies).So he goes on a witch hunt for Doc Ock. Who is hidden somewhere else while Spidey fights henchmen after henchmen. We then see John Jameson in a meeting   describing plans to take the nullifer to Stark Industries. Plan backfires because Doc has a spy in there and of course it leads to Doc getting the nullifer and Spidey getting hammered by the nullifer which causes him to not know who he is. What...

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