The Amazing Spider-Man #549

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #549 - Who's That Girl?!? released by Marvel on March 1, 2008.

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    Saddle-up Spider–fans as the thrillingly thrice-monthly adventures continue! In this issue, meet the villain from the fifth Spider-Man movie today! Marc (Wolverine, Blade) Guggenheim and Salvador (newuniversal, Uncanny X-Men) Larroca bring you the next great Spidey Villain... MENACE! But that's not all! The mysterious JACKPOT makes her "Brand New Day-Debut!” Plus the mystery of the Spider-Tracer Killer deepens. Not nearly 'Nuff said!

    On the docks, some thugs are told to leave the warehouse they're at. Not taking the threat seriously, they prepare to fire their guns. The assailant moves so quickly that they are all dead before they know it.

    At the Daily Bugle, some men are working on the sign on top of the building. They hear some laughing and a quick flash zooms by. This causes one of the men to fall off the scaffolding. Luckily Spider-Man is nearby and rescues the working. Unfortunately the other worker is in danger also. One of the cables of the scaffolding has snapped and the U from the Daily Bugle is falling. Using his webbing, Spider-Man manages to save everyone.

    Inside the new DB, Peter is late for a meeting with the new boss, Dexter Bennet. He runs into a co-worker has been fired for not having a pitch that fit the DB's new look. His idea was about the spider-tracer found on the murder victim last week (the Spider-Mugger).

    Inside the meeting, Dexter is going off on all the workers for being lazy. When Peter walks in late, Bennet is actually impressed. He says that "Mister...Porker" is always running around coming from or going to somewhere. That's what he's looking for. He shows them the sketch of the new menace that was just outside the building (and no one managed to get a picture of him). He offers a ten thousand dollar bonus to whoever gets the first picture.

    Back in costume, Spider-Man isn't too happy with the goblin-theme of the new menace. He's out looking but has run out of web-fluid saving the workers earlier. He also doesn't have any money to buy the ingredients to make more. Down an alley, he notices a little skirmish. It's a new hero, Jackpot, trying to stop a man. He throws her at Spider-Man and takes off. They chase him into the subway trying to stop him before he gets on a train. Turns out he has a gun and fires at them.

    Spider-Man and Jackpot blame each other for the man getting away. She was after him because the word on the street is that he knows where the "gray goblin" is. Spider-Man doesn't want her throwing out Goblin names just yet. Jackpot claims the new menace as a member of her rogues's gallery. Spider-Man thinks that's funny. They are interrupted by an oncoming train. Spider-Man saves her and asks if her initials are "MJ." She says that defeats the point of a secret identity.

    Later out with Harry, Lily and Carlie, Peter asks if he knows if Mary Jane is back in town. Harry asks if they're still fighting. Peter says they're not fighting, just not talking. Harry tells him to call her or find out if she's in L.A. Peter suddenly gets an idea about finding the menace.

    Back at the DB, Spider-Man figures the menace's glider would leave a unique exhaust trail. Using a special pair of binoculars, he finds the trail.

    Outside a warehouse he hears someone coming. He punches the person only to discover it's Jackpot. She says he probably did that so he can joke and say he "hit the jackpot." She apparently found the thug and he told her that this warehouse is being used the by the new menace. Turns out he broke in, killed the guys inside, and claimed it as his own. Spider-Man tells her that because of that, she should leave. She tells him that she's more prepared for this since she is registered and he's not. Before they can argue some more, a voice tells them they are under arrest under the jurisdiction of the Superhuman Registration Act.

    Note: Menace does not make an actual full appearance in this issue.



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    Giving credit where credit's due 0

    As much as I hated the whole One More Day and issue 545, I will admit that Brand New Day has not been that had. In fact, I would probably loved this arc more had they not blown it on OMD, and is the reason why I cannot fully enjoy BND. However, when I forget everything that happened in OMD, it does kind of feel like the Spider-Man of old.With that being said, let's get on with the good and the bad starting with the art. Salvador Larroca does an excellent job in this issue, although I've always l...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Face It Tiger, You Just Hit a Snag! 0

    BND! BND! BND! It seems like that's all Spider-fans are talking about lately! Well I for one am sick of it! Let's talk about something else, like that Ultimate Spider-Man book. Wasn't last issue simply ultimate? First, we got to read about Peter complaining about studying Einstein, next we got to see all his superhero friends gather around his school to engage in all that teenage dialogue and melodrama Bendis loves to write. Next they all go to the beach where they... talk some more! It was so e...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Dropping from my pull list 0

    I agree on some key points by zeroedge - the BND is much better than the OMD story; the art is some of the best on the market; the new Spidey launch, such as it is, has a very Old School and Classic feel to it.My personal gripe and reason why I have just nixed Amazing from my sub list is because of Marvel's need to make MJ a superhero named Jackpot. It is unnecessary, to say it as plainly as possible. If you want a superheroine to play off Spidey then why are they not using the new character Car...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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