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Dan Slott (SHE-HULK, AVENGERS:THE INITIATIVE) and Steve McNiven (CIVIL WAR) wrap up the first amazing month of Brand New Day with a deadly conflict and surprise revelation that promises to make Spider-Man's life much more difficult in the coming months. Listen up Spider-philes, three times a month won't be nearly enough for you!

Spidey, finding himself and the waiters still alive, deduces that Mr. Negative's gas, created from Bruno Kamelli's blood, proves deadly only to his blood relations. Since Bruno is related to the Lamellis and Manfredis, all mob attendees die except Carmine Kamelli, who is adopted. Carmine tells Spidey that thei wives and children are at a circus at Battery Park.

Meanwhile, Sean Boyle, the Spider-Mugger, tries to get Peter's wallet back from Dooley, who strangles him. JJJ regains consciousness at the hospital even as Dexter Bennett takes over the Bugle, having bought Jonah's shares from Marla.

Spidey saves the families at the circus from Negative's bomb but Negative grabs a young girl and trades her life for a vial of Spidey's blood. The girl's mother declares Spidey part of the Maggia "family" for rescuing her daughter. In the Medical Examiner's Office, Carlie discovers a spider-tracer in a desiccates corpse's mouth: the first known Spider-Tracer Killer victim. Mr. Negative arrives at the FEAST Center, turning back into Martin Li. Meanwhile, Dooley dumps Boyle's body in an alley. Spidey, tracking his tracer, finds him just as O'Neil and Gonzales arrive and try to arrest him for murder.


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Leaving? But You Just Got Here! 0

Slott raps up his first Spidey arc and it's hard to find much fault in it (if you can put OMD out of your mind while reading, a difficult exercise I admit). This is the most fun I've had reading Spider-Man since 2004, before we were hit with The Other, Civil War and all the subsequent crap that followed. This is pure Spider-Man. He has a promising supporting cast, cool new villains, money problems, girl trouble and a run of bad luck that just won’t let up. What more could you want? Okay, th...

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