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In this premiere month, Spidey's new status quo gets a swift punch in the gut as Dan Slott (SHE-HULK; AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE) and super-star artist Steve McNiven (CIVIL WAR) hit the ground running with new villains, new friends, and some familiar faces that promise to make Peter's life messier than ever before. This is where it's all happening. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Same Old Power. Same Old Responsibility. Brand New Day. Jonah in the hospital! Spidey's back in action! The Spider-Mugger makes a startling discovery!

Peter gives Jonah artificial respiration until the paramedics arrive. Robbie takes charge, telling Peter they need a front page Spidey photo of Jonah hopes to retain the paper. Harry, now the Coffee Bean owner, treats Lily and Carlie there while Sean Boyle, the Spider-Mugger, fails to fence the web-shooter at a waterfront dive. Accidentally firing a spider-tracer onto mobster Bruno Kamelli and triggering the webbing, Boyle decides to keep the shooter for himself. Spidey arrives, tracking the tracer he put on the mugger, but is distracted by the other tracer ans witnesses Bruno's abduction. With Jonah unconscious at Mt Sinai hospital, Maria prepares to sell his Bugle shares to Dexter Bennett. In Chinatown, Mr. Negative extracts blood from Bruno, his prisonner. Spidey breaks in, destroying Negative's Lemurian tablet of death and entropy. Across town, the Spider-Mugger, using the web-shooter, realizes he previouslt mugged Spider-Man, but sold the wallet to his fence, Dooley. Bruno tells Spidey that Mr. Negative plans to attack a Maggia meeting. As Spidey arrives, Negative disperses an airborne poison, apparently derived from the Lemurian tablet's formula, killing neraly all attendees, including, apparently, the web-slinger.

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