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    This is it, Arachnophiles!!!! Prepare for what promises to be the most pulse-pounding piece of four color fiction to be delivered unto the Mighty Marvel Minions in decades! You asked for more Spidey! You demanded it! And, by Buckley, you're gonna get it! After the devastatingly heartwarming events of ONE MORE DAY, Peter Parker puts the past behind him and sets forth on a BRAND NEW DAY!

    Starting with Amazing Spider-Man #546, you now have THREE times the action! THREE times the villains! THREE times the danger! Amazing Spider-Man – Now 3 times every month! Bank on it, buck-o! And if that weren't enough: ASM #546 goes double-sized to bring you back-up features that introduce you to the new players in the lives of Peter and his family!


    Things start out looking good for Peter Parker as he is seen at a club making out with a an attractive woman. Flashback twenty-four hours. There is a mugger going around wearing a Spider-Man mask. The news reports that even though Superhuman crime is down thanks to the Initiative, this "Spider-Mugger" has continued to rob people and escape the police. A new licensed hero called "Jackpot" from the Initiative has gone on record saying it's an isolated event. In the news studio, J. Jonah Jameson is quick to say that the mugger has been inspired by Spider-Man, even though it's been months since he's been seen. When the newscaster asks him to comment on the fact that his paper used to be the top source of Spider-Man coverage and without him, the paper's circulation is the lowest it's ever been. Jameson just says, "No comment."

    The next morning, Peter wakes up at Aunt May's in Forest Hills. Later he gets a call from Betty Brant telling him she's found an apartment for him in his price range. Problem is the landlord wants the check by tomorrow morning. Peter can swing the first month's rent but will need a job to pay next month's.

    Going on several job interviews, he is turned down by a high school because of his attendance record at his last teaching job, rejected by a magazine as a photographer since most of his pictures look like they were taken on automatic, and denied as a research assistant since he's never been published or done anything since Empire State University. When he is asked what has he been doing since. Thinking back to all his adventures, he doesn't have much he can say.

    A few hours later, Peter is invited to go out to a new club by Harry and his girlfriend Lily. Harry and Lily also get her best friend Carlie to go with them.

    Interlude: In Chinatown, a new villain by the name of Mister Negative gets his hands on some weird writing that was in the police evidence storage. He quickly shows that he is not a man to cross, as there will be deadly consequences.

    At the night club, we return to where we started. Peter was trying to go to the bathroom when a woman came up and started kissing him. He pulls away and heads back to the others. When they ask, he tells them he has no idea who she was. Conversation turns to how Harry and Lily met. Harry tells him that her father is D.A. Bill Hollister and Harry started a one million dollar exploratory committee to see if he should run for mayor. Peter is amazed at how easily he deals with money matters and mentions he can barely even cover his rent. Without asking, Harry pulls out a wad of bills and says that's what best friends are for. Peter is not exactly comfortable with this. He says he's not a college kid anymore and that it is strictly a loan.

    The woman that kissed Peter has found him at their table so he makes another escape, this time actually making it to the bathroom. When she follows in, it is empty except for the stalls and an open window. She thinks to herself that he is her way into Harry Osborn's "entourage." She also wants to be there when Harry kicks his "skank" to the curb to take her place.

    Escaping outside in a back alley, Peter bumps into Carlie. She's not really into clubs and they begin talking until they get interrupted by the Spider-Mugger. Peter is unable to do anything as the mugger takes his wallet and web-shooter (thinking it's a watch). Peter does manage to hit him with a spider-tracer. He is able to get away from Carlie by saying he's going to try to take pictures for the Bugle.

    For some reason, Peter is wearing his costume under his clothes but sees a copy of the Bugle on the ground. He knows that if he goes out as Spider-Man, the Bugle will start selling more papers again. He decides to go after the mugger as himself. He surprises the mugger but he gets by Peter and runs into a homeless shelter. Peter follows only to find Aunt May there. This is the shelter she volunteers at. The man running the shelter, Mr. Li, is surprised to see Peter, disheveled and without shoes. Peter says he was mugged but the mugger exits out the back and hops into a cab. Aunt May says he can stay with her as long as he needs. She wants him to go home immediately to get some rest. He has one stop to make first.

    At the Daily Bugle, Jameson is yelling on two different phones. Peter arrives to pick up a check for old pictures of his that the Bugle has been running lately. Betty tells him it's not a good time because Jameson is trying to stop the paper from being bought out. When Peter barges into Jameson's office demanding his money, Jameson calls him an "ungrateful @#*%." Peter isn't going to take it this time. He goes off on Jameson about how he's risked his life over and over for him. He's given him a bunch of pictures that has made millions for him and the Bugle while he only got scraps. He tells Jameson that he made him.

    Jameson stands growling. He starts to yell Parker but clutches his chest and collapses.

    First back up story: <b"Park Avenue Interlude featuring Jackpot. Continued next month.

    Second back up story: The Astonishing Aunt May! Aunt May is at the shelter and sees a young man that goes by the name of Freak snorting sugar packets. A street thug comes in looking for him. He hides as Aunt May comes to his rescue. She turns the table and gets the young man to give a donation to the shelter since he "can afford jewelry" and tells him to come back any time with more bling. As Freak comes out from under his table, he eyes the cash box May is holding. Freak is set to return in two months.

    Third back up story: Harry and the Hollisters. Harry meets with D.A. Bill Hollister. He's not too crazy that an Osborn is dating his daughter. He also isn't too sure about Harry's idea of running for mayor. When Lily arrives, Bill finally agrees to allow Harry to start his exploratory committee. But he is firm that his money will not, in any way, buy him any favors. As Bill leaves the two alone, Harry says she doesn't have to worry about him, Osborns don't have to ask for anything.


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    I'm Not Even a Morning Person 0

    "Dan Slott is a namby pamby, Spider-Man-ruining milksop," the kids down at the local comic store would tell me. "'Brand New Day' is the nail in the coffin for all true Spidey fans," they'd add, lips slick with freshly sucked down Yoohoo. I used to be in this camp, and surely, there are more holes in "One More Day" than in Courtney Love's drug-addled memory, but 546 was in a box of comics I got in trade from a local bespectacled roofer in need of new reading material. I gave it a read, and whadda...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Not as bad as it seems? 0

    Alright so people are pissed about this new series for Spider-Man. "Its wrong to retcon 20 something years of comics history" and all that jazz. Well I think people are jumping the bandwagon a little early and not giving this a chance. We all know that DC comics has had had more than one retcon that has changed their whole universe, yet it went over very nicly. First word that this is going to be done to everyone's favorite webhead(My favorite hero) and they want to kill somebody. I think someon...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    What???Brand new is right...... 0

    So I can’t wait to read this issue, and now I’ve read it I can’t wait to file it under "A" and leave it so acids from the pages can bond it together forever. Brand new is right. Parker has web shooters again which are stolen because he gets mugged; HUH.... this is not all. Peter is being hit on by a chick who wants to get close to Harry Osborne, since when did Peter get chicks because he was friends with Harry (Ill have to read some back issues to confirm that, but I’m ranting on at this point)....

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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