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Yay! It's Over!

Well there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway. The reset button has officially been pushed and we either get on with it or get out. Part 4 was rewritten and rushed into production and it shows. Peter and MJ accepting Mephisto's deal is not believable in the slightest and Peter especially comes across as selfish and a tad mentally unstable. Then again, with all the crap that's been happening to him lately, it is natural for Peter to want to retreat back to a simpler time and Mephisto provided a way for him to do so. This wasn't about Aunt May so much as it was about Peter and Mary Jane's desire to escape from the hell that had become their lives. At least this way one of them would have a chance at happiness. After all, May literally told Peter to get over her death in a recent issue of Sensational when Madame Web allowed him to enter May’s mind. But no matter what the temptation accepting a deal from the devil is downright stupid as Peter soon found out before Mephisto altered his life.

I just don't see the logic in erasing the marriage. If Peter and MJ are meant to be together then let them stay married! Any relationship Peter will develop in BND won't mean anything because we all know that sooner or later he'll wind up back with Mary Jane. Then they'll find a way to get separated again and the process will repeat itelf. One of the reasons Spider-Man is such a great character is because his relationships and his world have evolved over time. This is a huge step backward for the character and his supporting cast and an insult to long time fans and writers who have invested so much in these characters.

Unless the last scene of OMD takes place in the past and BND starts years after then Harry Osborn is back from the dead. I really don't see the need to bring Harry back; his storyline reached its logical conclusion some time ago. Let's hope the BND writers have something new cooked up for him. If you ask me, they should have resurrected Gwen Stacy. Now that would have been interesting.

Quesada’s artwork was awesome. I liked his use of shadows and the spread near the end showing various scenes from the marriage.

Ugh. Well, things can only get better from here right? I will not be dropping Amazing despite what a slap in the face this story has been. It was like having a tooth pulled out, the tooth here representing the marriage and Quesada the dentist. It hurt, and it’s messy, but now the healing can begin. It’d be great if BND lives up to the hype and if it’s a massive failure then I’m sure Joe “Retcon” Quesada will fix it soon enough.

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