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Cheap Retcon

Obviously everyone is pretty steamed about what JQ did to Spidey. I'm honestly not upset about the ending of MJ and Spidey's marriage because it gives them opportunities to bring other characters into the mix (hmmm, maybe a little more Black Cat with Spidey?) but I do see where this whole thing would anger the fans. There are other ways to end their marriage rather than pushing the big red Staples "Easy" button. Since magic rarely needs to be explained the way science does, it's just too convenient for writers to use it as a way to retcon a really crappy outcome coughCivilWarcough they backed themselves into. There was a reason Dr. Strange was left out of the Civil War - because uber magic would be too easy as a resolution and the war would have been started and over in one issue rather than 25 (with crossovers and special releases).

I was also quite surprised that Peter chose to save Aunt May again and end it with MJ. Maybe I'm far too villainous for my superhero self but let's face it: Peter has had to save this old broad for the last 40 years or so. I know he's usually the reason she's fighting for her life but at the point we were at, Aunt May was a dear old woman who had lived a rather full life. He could have realized that this is one time he couldn't save her. That would allow him to stay with MJ and have that daughter they got a glimpse of. And considering Spider-Girl was originally started as a "What if Spidey & MJ had a daughter story" well, it seems logical.

And what the heck was up with MJ's secret pact to Mephisto on the side? It seemed to me that she was bargaining herself to him as a betrothed but it wasn't revealed and may just be something that the writer and editor are sticking in their back pockets for now so that in a year when they need to undo this undo they can whip it out and say, "Oh wait! MJ has this deal with Mephisto that..."

As for the unmasking, well we all knew it was mistake when he did it in the first place. Does this mean that none of CW happened? If so, where is Steve Rogers? How can a chunk of people be hurled back in time but not the rest of the concurrent Marvel U? It makes no bloody sense.

I heard JMS was so appalled with the script that he wanted his name removed but was begged to stamp it on there. He didn't write any of it though his name is in the credits with Joe Q. They probably threw enough money at him that he was willing to have his name attached to this cheap theatric.

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