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you know, i really gave them more credit than this. 0

i did. they get rid of mj and the past years worth of fantastic writing in one fel swoop. i thought the unmasked/civil war and back in black stories were the best ive read in years. those were tales fifty some years in the making. and now its all for nothing.and one of the things is that anyone and everyone could have seen this coming. which is why i thought it had to be going in a completely different direction. but then they went and did the obvious. bravo boys.A lot of writers seem to miss th...

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Wow..... 2

Being a big Spider-Man fan and have been since my age was single digit, I'm obviously outraged by the direction that Joe Quesada has decided to take Spider-Man. I've stuck with Spidey through the highs (Death of Gwen, symbiote Spidey, Kraven's last hunt, death of Harry), and through the lows (Death of Gwen lol, The Other, Sin's Past, Clone Saga although I liked it, they stretched it too much). And I have seriously never been more outraged over a comic before this particular Spider-Man story.Now,...

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Cheap Retcon 0

Obviously everyone is pretty steamed about what JQ did to Spidey. I'm honestly not upset about the ending of MJ and Spidey's marriage because it gives them opportunities to bring other characters into the mix (hmmm, maybe a little more Black Cat with Spidey?) but I do see where this whole thing would anger the fans. There are other ways to end their marriage rather than pushing the big red Staples "Easy" button. Since magic rarely needs to be explained the way science does, it's just too conveni...

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Yay! It's Over! 0

Well there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway. The reset button has officially been pushed and we either get on with it or get out. Part 4 was rewritten and rushed into production and it shows. Peter and MJ accepting Mephisto's deal is not believable in the slightest and Peter especially comes across as selfish and a tad mentally unstable. Then again, with all the crap that's been happening to him lately, it is natural for Peter to want to r...

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What now marvel, what now? 0

I've been a long time fan and subscriber to Amazing Spiderman and his subsequent titles.When I was younger I collected many comics of various characters. Most of them I was first introduced to in the spider titles like punisher, venom etc. After some time I cut the titles down that collected considerably but never wavered from getting to the comic shop to pick up the latest issues of spiderman.Now after 25 yrs or so I just don't know if i even want to bother anymore. The events of Amazing Spider...

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Giant step backwards 0

I have been reading amazing spiderman since issue 64 and I have always enjoyed the characters rich history and cast of villains. I have always identified with his real life problems and his sense of right and wrong. I have seen Peter Parker through his ups and downs but I always thought that things would get better for Peter. I always pictured him getting married, havingkids and a career. Marrying Mary Jane was a giant step forward in Spidermans life, Mary Jane has been the best thing to ha...

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Where are we now??? 0

I am in Limbo with this one… Spiderman, no, no, Peter Parker is the most selfish hero this year. Ya See, Spider man with the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” thing (which I’m getting tired of hearing by the way) would have never made a deal with a villain. Let alone for the price of his love with Mary Jane, the woman he has been chasing for over 20 years (in our world at least). I mean Evil, pure evil literally, says you have something that “He (GOD by the way for all you heat...

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I'll take "this was Stupid" for 200 Alex 0

Ok, I'm going to start by saying that I have Never been a fan of MJ and Peter. My Spider Man was a Single Spider Man, he was the Guy I could Relate to. I could not relate to Peter landing a Model as a wife. Pete was supposed to be like me, the Every Man, and I could never have landed a Model(My current Girlfriend has made me reevaluate this by being , well downright beautiful, so perhaps Everyman can meet and get involved with a woman as Pretty as MJ - or prettier in my case- )All of that being ...

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I still hate it! 3

Ok so, I've never read the book, never bought it and I NEVER WILL! You know why? Joe Q. is an idiot! Its been two years and I'm still waiting for Linkara from to do a review of this mess. This issue, nigh, this whole story arc is the second worse comic I've ever seen Marvel create. Not only dose it trounce my favorite comic book couple since before I even read the comics, but I completly misses the chance for Peter to learn a valued lesson on the hardest thing. How to let go! Geez! Pet...

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this is a really deep issue. this issue shows how deep peter and mjs love is. but it also shows how much they are willing to throw away to save one persons life. aunt may lays in a hospital bed dying and mephisto shows up and offers them a deal. he will save may parkers life but in return he wants for their marrige to have never happened. they discus the term and agree to mephistos deal. the demon, before he erases the marrige he shows them the daughter they will not have. mj also makes an unhea...

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Worst Spider-Man story of all time. 0

The worst Spider-Man story of all time. I don't think you could make a Spider-Man story worse if you even tried. Quesada is simply wrong that the marriage made Spidey older since it didn't. None of this story makes any sense. I'd rate it zero except that the rating system won't allow me to do so. It was an unneeded unwanted editorial mandate that added nothing of value....

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