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    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #544 - One More Day, Part 1 released by Marvel on November 1, 2007.

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    "One More Day," Part 1 of 4

    Get ready for what will be the most talked–about and controversial comic event of the year -- brought to you by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada. The stakes have never been higher for Peter Parker. At his darkest hours -- and he's had plenty -- Peter has always had one shoulder to lean on, one person who'd remind him who he is, who he was, and who he can be. Now he's about to lose that person. What would he do...what would you do, if you only had "One More Day?” PLUS: Director's Cut style extras!

    Aunt May is in a new hospital. Peter and MJ still don't know what they are going to do next. A doctor enters May's room with some questions about her admittance. Peter and MJ give a false name to the doctor. The hospital is pretty full and she doesn't seem to have any insurance paperwork. He tells them that if she doesn't have any, she'll have to go to the charity ward. This outrages Peter. The doctor tries to explain that in her condition, it wouldn't really matter where she was at. She wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Having insurance would be good. A bottomless checkbook would be better. Mary Jane says she has some stuff at their old place she could probably sell. Peter tells her it's too risky and decides to leave himself. He tells MJ not to let anyone move May. The doctor asks where he's going and Peter says to visit someone with a bottomless checkbook.

    Out in the hall, the doctor chases after Peter. He wants to tell Peter that he knows how he's feeling. Peter doesn't think so. The doctor then tells him that he had an uncle that almost died a couple years ago. Peter doesn't get where he's going with this until the doctor tells him that Spider-Man had saved him. He said he made himself a promise that if he could ever repay him, he would. He tells Peter he'll do what he can to hide her for now but the hospital will need something for insurance or payment. Peter tells him he'll be back before he has to answer any awkward questions.

    Due to lack of time, Peter swings across the city without his costume. He also figures there's no real need anymore. He heads over to Stark Tower to find that Tony Stark has changed the access code at one of the windows. Not caring, he simply rips it off.

    Inside, the alarms go off as Tony sits at the monitors. He wonders who would be stupid enough to break in. He asks the computer who it is but the cameras have been disabled and the person is moving too fast for the motion sensor to pick them up. Stark stands up and "dresses" for the occasion. In an empty room, Iron Man flies at Peter full force, taking him out through the window.

    Iron Man is shock that it's Peter. Peter doesn't bother with a snappy comeback and just begins webbing Iron Man's thrusters. As they begin to fall, Tony has to re-route the power to his repulsor gloves to break their fall. He asks Peter what he was thinking by making them crash. Peter tells him that he didn't want him to fly off before he was done with him. Tony just raises his repuslor gloves and tells him the only thing he's going to do is arrest him. Peter tells him that he's a fool if he thinks his repulsors will work after getting overheated from slowing their fall. Tony asks him if he's willing to risk his life with that thought. Peter says yes and punches his armored face.

    Knocked a little off balance, Tony turns on his uni-beam at full power. Peter can no longer see. He says it feels like the sun is right in front of his face. He just begins to let go with his webbing. He's wondered what would happen if he just cut loose with his organic webbing. When he's "empty" he looks up. He is impressed at seeing Iron Man completely webbed up in the alley.

    Iron Man tries talking to him saying that if it's not him, someone else will bring him in. Peter tells him to shut up and rips off the face plate of his helmet. Tony still tries talking to him. Peter tells him to shut up again and tells him that Aunt May is dying. He says that it's his fault. He trusted him as a father and listened to him about exposing his family. Tony said his family would be safe. Tony says he's sorry and didn't know. Peter doesn't want his sympathy, he wants Tony to do something about it. He says he knows that Tony cared for her. Tony is going to do something to help save her, and trails off. Tony tells him that threatening him to help isn't going to do any good. Peter says it wasn't a threat. Tony has to help Aunt May or else she's going to die in a charity ward.

    Tony's repulsors have come back online. He tells Peter there's nothing he can do without compromising himself and his position. He cannot aid a known criminal. Out of respect for May, he says he won't arrest him now but tells him not to come back to the Tower. Iron Man flies off leaving Peter yelling after him. He returns to the Tower and finds a picture of the "new" Avengers, including May and MJ. Jarvis comes up to him and asks if he needs dinner or anything. Tony says no but then calls Jarvis back.

    Peter returns to the hospital to find that there's been no change in May's condition. The doctor says he can't hold off the transfer to a charity ward for too much longer. Peter says that maybe there is another way for him to get some money. He tells MJ that he's already a criminal so there'd be no difference. He's ready to sell his soul if necessary.

    A voice from behind tells them that it won't be necessary. Jarvis has arrived upon hearing that his "cousin" has been admitted to the hospital. Seeing May lying in her bed, he breaks down. He admits that he loves May. Regaining his composure, he says that when he heard about what happened, he wanted to make sure she only received the best care.

    The doctor arrives at this saying that that will be a problem. Jarvis whips out a check saying he recently had two million dollars deposited into his account and a nurse takes him to accounting. The doctor tells Peter and May that they will make her last days as comfortable as possible. Peter tells her that it won't be her last days. The doctor tries explaining that there isn't anything they can do. Peter tells him that in the crowd of people he hangs with, there's got to be someone that can help.

    Vowing not to stop or rest until he finds a way to help May, he tells MJ he loves her. She tells him to be careful as he swings from the hospital roof in his red and blue costume.



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    Still waiting.... 0

    Everyone else seems really excited about this new arc. I'm giving it 4 stars because it is strong writing with great visual representation. That being said, however, I'm still waiting for this story to move itself along. I feel like I bought a comic for essentially one scene - Peter begging Tony for financial help for Aunt May. There were a couple of other components to the plot but they felt very over-shadowed. If there isn't any action after the JMS run, I'll probably drop this book from my pu...

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    This One More Day is Yours and Mine! 0

    SPOILER ALERT! This is it folks! Joe Quesada's sinister plan to unearth the Spider-Marriage starts here! We've heard him complain about it ever since the day he stepped in to the grand title of editor in chief, and now his solution is finally coming to fruition! So how is it? So far it's off to a good start, but it's still too early to tell whether this story will go down as a classic, or a catastrophe. Not a lot happens in part 1, and it looks like we'll only get into the meat of the story come...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

    Spider-Angst 0

    The amazing J Michael Straczynski continues his run on the Amazing Spiderman with a new heavily hyped storyline called "One More Day" which will cross over into the 4 main Spiderman titles. When we last left Spidey he was back in black and hot on the trail of the men responsible for the assassination attempt that left his Aunt May wounded and now barely clinging to life. Now he's waiting patiently, with his wife at his side, feeling more powerless than he's ever felt. While her life hangs in ...

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