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A sniper’s bullet changes everything in Peter Parker’s life. Clad in his black costume, Spider-Man will stop at nothing to find the man who pulled the trigger and, even more important, the man who gave the kill order. This is Spider-Man at his darkest hour

In his cell, Kingpin is reading a book while he talks with Spider-Man. He explains to the wall-crawler (who had been threatening to come and kill him) that he, the Kingpin, doesn’t die, that it would be against the laws of nature for him to die. Peter says that he’s broken just about every law and that one more won’t hurt. He then hangs up on Kingpin and continues interrogating the man (one of Kingpin’s killers) that he had caught. The man denies knowing and anything about what happened with Peter’s aunt and after sticking to his story despite a few threats, Peter believes him. Instead of killing him, he decides that he’s going to send a message. When he hears MJ coming, he swings off into the night with the bad guy in tow.

Back in Kingpins cell, the crime boss tears apart his furniture, revealing an obscene amount of money. He passes the money to one of the guards in exchange for two favors. He asks first that at a certain time the guards all “look the other way” and then asks for his suit back.

Underneath the city, the hitman Kingpin had hired is hanging by his feet and pleading for his life in the middle of a sewer pipe. Peter explains to the man about the food chain and the predator/prey relationship. While he’s talking, a mass of rats wait hungrily for the man to fall and a few crawl up the walls and onto his legs. When the man starts saying that he’ll do anything to get away, Peter cuts him down and tells him to go tell everyone that his family is off limits and anyone who touches them becomes prey, and he is the predator.

The next morning Peter is back in the hospital and MJ has some bad news for him. The cost of Aunt May’s care is substantial and since they’re paying in cash, they could soon be discovered. Peter says that he’s got a plan. He reminds MJ of the time when he gave his aunt a transfusion that saved her life. The transfusion had helped her in the short term but his radioactive blood had put her in more danger. He’d gotten a serum that had saved her and he now hopes that the serum will continue to protect her from his blood since his plan is to give her another transfusion. MJ raids the hospital supply closets and they put together what they need for the transfusion. As they perform the procedure, Peter says that neither of them have anything to lose. Afterwards, Peter is tired and weak but he says he has to go. MJ wants him to stay but just then, a nurse walks in and Peter uses the distraction to get away.

In prison, Kingpin receives a package containing all of his affects and all the cells on his block open. While he gets dressed and walks out, Spider-Man is busy breaking in undetected. They meet in the center of Kingpin’s prison block and Spider-Man says it’s time to fight.



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A Darker side of Web-Head 0

(Spoilers abound)As I wait and wait and wait and wait and wait for #542 to grace us with it's presence, I'm left wondering just how far Spidey will go. In this issue we get to see Peter Parker in turmoil like never before. Aunt May is hanging on with whatever she can and Parker is on a course headed straight for self-destruction. With the Kingpin twisting the knife in Spider-Man's back, you can't help but wonder how far the writers are going to take this.At the end of the civil war, I knew there...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

Black is always cooler Pt. 3 0

   The third enthrolling issue of the Back in Black story arc, and it's a doozy. Following Spidey's trail of justice and vengence, this book packs a punch of suspence that'll keep you hanging onto every page.      During the second issue, Peter located the guy who sold the firearm, and tracked down the suspected gunmen, only to realize he had the wronge guy. After locating the real gunmen, he realizes who hired him, Wilson Fisk. In this issue, aunt May's life is hanging on by a thread, while the...

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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