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Black is always cooler!

   That's right, Spider-man dawns the iconic black suit in this issue which launched an ach that goes down in history, Back in Black! Following the Civil War in which Peter Parker became a registered super hero and unmasked on national television, this earth shattering story depicts our favorite arachnid based hero as somewhat of an anti-hero.  
   After the fight between Spidey and Iron Man, Peter realized he had joined the wronge side, but the realization came too late, with his identity revealed he has become a target, and so has his family, resulting in aunt May being shot. Being struck hard emotionally, Peter picks up a car, and hurls it at the killer. After putting May in the hospital, he goes rogue and decides to track down any leads to the killer, not before putting on the old black suit which he had hidden because he believed it sent the wronge message. With his old costume on, he's swears if will find them, and kill them! 
   Simply wow! This issue has everything I like and more. J. Micheal Straczynski really worked magic to follow up the Spider-man: Civil War arc, and definitely delivered, reworking your freindly neighborhood Spider-man into a frenzied vigilante who's out for blood. As a huge fan of the wall crawler I was thrilled to see the level headed Parker become inraged and irrational over the injuring of aunt May, and to have him go back to his old black suit, one of my favorite looks, was icing on the cake. Also, the combined artwork of Ron Garney and Leinil Francis Yu is astonishing, and the cover lets you feel exactly how Spider-man feels, serious. Overall it scores a five in my book. A perfect combination of suspense, dialogue, action, and drama complemented by great artwork  I suggest you go find this issue immediately, and have a nice read, and enjoy!

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    SPOILERS!!This was some good stuff. I just looooove Spidey. We FINALLY get to see him put on his black costume. I really wished things were better planned on Marvel's part. We've seen in the other titles and New Avengers for the past couple months that he was already wearing it with no explanation. And here we get it.Spidey's always been a fun character. But he really cuts loose here. It's just awesome to see. I was hoping that he'd immediately go after the sniper and he delivered. He t...

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