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Takes place before Daredevil #94

As Peter holds a Aunt May in his arms after she was shot, two more bullets come in. Saying "No More!" over and over, Peter heads out, picks up a jeep, and throws it at the building where the sniper is. Heading back inside, Mary Jane prepares to call 911. Peter says there's no time and carries her to the hospital. Barely conscious, Aunt May apologizes and passes out.

At the hospital, there is a loud crash as Peter simply lays Aunt May on a hospital bed. A trauma team begins to work on May as Peter sits outside in extreme anguish. She's lost a lot of blood.

In prison, Wilson Fisk recieves a message that the primary target wasn't achieved but one of the secondary ones was. He is pleased. He is happy to be able to prolong Spider-Man's pain.

Peter meets up with MJ. He tells her where she is and that she's been stabilized. He tells her that she has to go and sign any papers. Mary Jane should use May's maiden name of Fitzgerald at the hospital. When she asks where he's going next, he replies to do what he does best, he's going to "hurt someone."

Back at the building where the sniper was hiding out, the police have it blocked off since there is a jeep sticking out of it. Peter simply walks up the stairs. An officer tells him he can't go up there and without a word, Peter webs him to the wall. Inside the sniper's room, his spider-sense alerts him to part of the gun that shot Aunt May. It is part of a scope with a specific brand on it. He later goes to a wherehouse where big time "connected" guys do business. He's after the gun runners. Peter quickly and bloodily takes out half a dozen armed dealers as if they were nothing. He asks the last one what he knows about the scope. As the dealer starts stalling, Peter crushes his hand. After more threats, Peter finds out that the gun is very high end and very few dealers carry it. He is able to get a name and address.

When Mary Jane arrives at the hospital, she is told that May is in a coma. She is only being kept alive by the machines. Things do not look good. There's a small chance she may come out of it but the doctor says that sooner or later she is going to die.

Peter heads to where he had stashed a black costume long ago. He said he got rid of it because he felt it gave the wrong message. He figures he kept it there all this time in case he ever wanted to send that message. Putting on his black costume once again, he vows that he will find who is responsible...and kill them.



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Black is always cooler! 0

   That's right, Spider-man dawns the iconic black suit in this issue which launched an ach that goes down in history, Back in Black! Following the Civil War in which Peter Parker became a registered super hero and unmasked on national television, this earth shattering story depicts our favorite arachnid based hero as somewhat of an anti-hero.       After the fight between Spidey and Iron Man, Peter realized he had joined the wronge side, but the realization came too late, with his identity reve...

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Aaaaw YEAH!! 0

SPOILERS!!This was some good stuff. I just looooove Spidey. We FINALLY get to see him put on his black costume. I really wished things were better planned on Marvel's part. We've seen in the other titles and New Avengers for the past couple months that he was already wearing it with no explanation. And here we get it.Spidey's always been a fun character. But he really cuts loose here. It's just awesome to see. I was hoping that he'd immediately go after the sniper and he delivered. He t...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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