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It’s the sensational Spider-Man versus the horrendous hordes of Hydra as the villainous organization makes its final push to seize control of the country! Standing in the way? Everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. But will Spidey have enough left in the tank to take out the group of terrorists and save the day?

Spider-Man engages the HYDRA doppelgangers of the Avengers, and is able to exploit their teamwork skills, as well as the fact that they aren't the real Captain America, Thor, Iron Man or Hawkeye. Spidey works himself into a corner, and is surrounded by the four doppelgangers. Spider-Man quips that is sounds like fighting inside the room they're in, as well as the wall is blown down to show Iron Man, Captain America, Luke Cage, and Spider-Man standing in the midst of the rubble. The four of them take down the dopelgangers, as the HYDRA agent Spidey rescued last issue brings Spidey to the missile which is being prepared to fire in five minutes, to carry out HYDRA's goals.

Iron man gives Spidey a lift to the lauch pad for the concealed missile, as Spider-Man brings Iron Man up to speed on what's in the missile, and what it's designed to do. Iron Man takes out some HYDRA lackeys, as Spidey works to overide the missile controls. The security override is initiated, but it's not Spider-Man's override. It's the HYDRA leader's. He initates the launch of the missile, and it begins to fire up and take off. Spider-Man hitches a ride on the missile, and starts to pul himself up onto the missile, as Captain America relives his worst nightmare, watching another younger partner of his climb onto a missile, similar to what Bucky did prior to his death.

The missile shoots out of a concealed platform of a construction site, Spider-Man in tow. Iron Man flying after him is unable to continue his pursuit, as the construction site begins to collapse and endanger innocent cilvilians. Iron Man, delayed, now continues his pursuit of Spider-Man on the missile.

Spider-Man, almost nearing the upper atmosphere, punches through the missile and monkeys with the targeting and directional controls system, causing it to stray off course and towards the open water. Just before Peter passes out, he lets himself go from the missile, and the resulting explosion blows him backwards from the epicentre of the missile explosive blast.

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