The Amazing Spider-Man #520

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #520 - Acts Of Aggression released by Marvel on July 1, 2005.

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    An explosive story in the Mighty Marvel Manner! In this tale for the ages, written by Stupendous J. Michael Straczynski and penciled by Magnificent Mike Deodato, Peter and the family are forced to deal with the radical changes in their lives. Straight from the pages of the New Avengers!

    he new leader of HYDRA rallies his troops, and unviels the warriors they will utilze to fight against their enemies.

    At 5:37 A.M., May Parker gets ready for the day, and runs into Jarvis in the kitchen. They talk about Jarvis' duties as the Avengers butler., and May decides to give Jarvis a break and take over for a while.

    as Peter and Mary Jane admire th skyline from their temporary accomidations in Avengers tower, Jessica Drew, Luke Cage, and Steve Rodgers interrupt them to call or breakfast. May stand up to Wolverine and puts him in his place during a morrning tantrum about his breakfast, when Tony interrupts with news of an Avengers-level emergancy.

    Iron Man is the first to arrive on the scene of the emergancy, to find "The Hammer". A Thor-lookalike with a HYDRA symbol on his chest> The Hammer simulates Thor's powers and the two engage in a brawl.

    Next on the scene is Spider-Woman and Luke Cage, who encounter Karl, or "Tactical Force." A HYDRA version of Iron Man. Luke Cage throws her at Karl, and the two spiral downwards and crash into the street.

    Captain America engages "Militant" , his own analogue, who has the HYDRA symbol on his chest and shield. The two run at each other.

    Spider-Man sees a silhouette that looks like Hawkeye, only to find "The Bowman", the HYDRA analogue of Hawkeye. Spider-Man evades his explosives, and just manages to deflec most of the arrow's away from a crowd of people, but can't stop serious damage to the pier.

    Captain America is winning against his HYDRA-double until the double throws his sheild at a glass ceiling, endangering two civilians, whom Cap saves with his shield, but loses the bad guy. All four of the HYDRA operatives, are signalled, and they leave the scene, eith The Hammer unleashing an electromagnetic pulse on Iron Man before he leaves.

    The Daily Bugle had three phrotographers ready in position, leading to 3 front page shots of the Avengers, battered, bruised, and beaten. Peter suspects something foul, he contacts Robbie Robertson, and finds out that the press where tipped about the battle. Peter assembles the New Avengers, and figures out the HYDRA attack was orchestrated so that weapons of mass destruction could be smuggled succesfully into the harbor by destroying all of the record at the docks...


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