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A new story arc begins as Peter delves further into the mysterious totemistic origin of his powers when the enigmatic Ezekiel returns! Is he truly Peter's mentor and ally, or something much more?

In Central Park, MJ tells Peter it's time for her to focus on her career. Now that their relationship is back on track.

Two weeks later, Peter sees MJ off at the airport, promising to call her at midnight. MJ arrives at Baramont Pictures to discover the executive who offered her a movie role. has been replaced, and the new executive has already cast another actress. She overhears him call her a bimbo model with delusions of talent. Meanwhile, Spider-Man offers to help two police officers trap a bicycle thief. At midnight, Spider-Man calls Mary Jane but she doesn't answer, lost in her insecure thoughts on Santa Monica Pier. Spidey discovers the thief is a young boy with a gun. He warns the officers back and follows the kid. convincing him to ignore peer pressure. Later at the Tower Hotel, a bartender gives Mary Jane a free bowl of miso soup. to cheer her up. Remembering Peter, she calls to say she was offered the part but turned it down, then asks how his day was. "Couldn't be better", he replies as he watches the bicycle thief reunite with his father.

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