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This issue is written by Stan "The Man" Lee and drawn by John Romita Sr. In this fantastic comic we meet the Shocker for the first time! We see Spidey going up against this villian with one arm in a sling and trys to stop him from stealing some money. Man o' man what a mistake on the web heads part. Spidey doesn't stand a chance and gets beaten fairly easy by Shocker. Shocker seems pretty proud of his self for beating Spidey so easily and makes off with his escape with the stolen money in tow. After the battle Peter meets up with his best pal Harry and they discuss getting a place together thats owned by Harrys dad Norman Osborn(the original green goblin). Then after that lil scene we see the Shocker again and we get to see his origin. It seems that Heman Shultz(the Shocker) was just a small time safe cracker until he invented his shocking gizmos and made a costume for his self(which i think is awesome). After that cool origin story we see Patch(fredrick foswell) following Peter into an ally while Peter changes into his Spider duds. Ol' Patch thinks he has finally discovered Spideys secret identity, which he did, until Peter thinks up something quick and has Patch doubt that Parker is Spidey after all. Quick thinking Peter! Then after that lil drama we get to see Spider-Man and the Shocker battle it out again. This time with Spidey minus the sling. The two arch-enemies battle it out and in the end Spidey comes out on top. With the Shocker beaten Spidey webs him up for the police. And at the end of this comic we get to see Peter and Harrys new place for the first time. This issue marks Peter moving out from his Aunt Mays house, also for the first time. We finally get to see Peter Parker making it on his own. This is such a great issue. Not only do we meet a cool new villian, but we see Peter getting a place with his best pal. Can it really get any better then that? I love this issue and i def recommend this comic to others. I'm sure you won't be able to pick the original issue of this up without spending a fortune, but you can find reprints of this in Marvel Tales. Or you can pick up Essential Spider-Man volume 3. Go out and get this and give it a read. You will def be glad you did.

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