The Amazing Spider-Man #424

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #424 - Then Came...Elektra released by Marvel on June 1, 1997.

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    Amazing Spider-Man #424 opens with the assassin Elektra fighting members of the ninja group known as the Hand across the rooftops of New York City. She demands to know the location of the splinter group the True Believers.

    Meanwhile, thirty-two blocks to the north and twenty-seven stories high, our friendly neighborhood Spiderman has just missed his web line and crashes to the closes rooftop, still suffering from the after affects of his latest battle with the super-villain Electro.

    Over at the Daily bugle, J. Jonah Jameson is all aglow over Robbie Robertson’s latest story on the Black Tarantula. The only downside for ole’ J.J.J. is not being able to tie his arch-nemesis, Spider-Man, to the super-villain.

    Cut to Madam Qwa, enraged over the True Believers' inability to kill the Robbie. Yano demands Meiko Yin (aka Dragonfly) be sacrificed for the shame but is outvoted by Madam Qwa, who instead demands Dragonfly kill her innocent cousin, Angela Yin, in her stead.

    Elektra seeks out the local crime lord Jacob Conover (the Rose) and instead comes face-to-face with his hired assassin, Delilah. No carnage ensues, though, as the Rose wishes the same fate for the True Believers as Elektra. An uneasy peace is in place.

    Spider-Man, still suffering from headaches, as well as uncharacteristically violent and angry outbursts, is told by a shadowy figure that he can find Elektra at the West Side Trainyards. Spidey heads that way, thinking he heard the name "Electro".

    Meiko visits Angela, but cannot find it in her to murder an innocent bystander (as well as her cousin!) and storms out of the house to come face-to-face with Yano and the True Believer ninjas. She submits to Yano, expecting her life to be forfeit for her failure, however, she soon changes her mind when Yano tells her he plans to kill Angela as well.

    At that moment, Spidey and Elektra show up.

    Carnage ensues. Out of his mind with the pain, Spider-Man is about to paste a ninja with a railroad car, but Elektra talks him down.

    At the close of the story, Elektra exits stage left, Dragonfly stage right. Cut to the jungles of Argentina. Boy…the Black Tarantula seems a mite upset with Spidey.

    Wonder who will show up next issue?



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