The Amazing Spider-Man #423

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #423 - Choices released by Marvel on May 1, 1997.

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    Tag Line: Electro-cuted!

    Meiko Yin is training under the guidance of Madame Qwa for her first assassination assignment, killing Joe Robertson. Being that the orders are given from the Black Tarantula without further description, Meiko questions Madame Qwa as to the reason she must kill him, who's only response to her is that she must not question any orders given by the Black Tarantula.

    At Empire State University library, Peter Parker is tutoring his friend. He begins walking Neil Aiken through quantum mechanics albeit not without confusion on Neil's part, when Paul Stacey walks in. Paul assures Neil that his confusion is due to Peter's answer being wrong. Peter is embarrassed and upset by this notion but decides to keep quiet. He then leaves to a secluded area outside of the library to change into his spiderman costume and begins making his daily rounds as Spider-Man.

    Meanwhile, at the Daily Bugle office, Joe Robertson is struggling through a busy day when he is approached by Angela Yin. Angela introduces him to her cousin Meiko, who gives Joe a cold acknowledgment. Before she can speak any longer though, Joe realizes that he has a lunch date with his wife and runs out. Meiko immediately changes into her assassins uniform, thus becoming her assassin alter-ego Dragonfly, and begins to pursue him. She attempts to assassinate Joe, but before she can attack Spider-Man intervenes easily throwing her aside. Ninjas working for the Black Tarantula rush to her aid and fight Spider-Man while Dragonfly recovers and attempts to assasinate Joe one more time. Spiderman desperately tries to intervene once again, allowing Joe to escape. However, both Spiderman and Dragonfly suddenly become electrocuted.

    The person behind the charge of electricity turns out to be Electro. He begins to demonstrate his new found powers given to him through The Rose by electrocuting the Black Tarantula's ninjas to death. A fight between him and spiderman ensues. Dragonfly attempts to join in the fight but Electro shocks her to near death. Joe Robertson rushes to her aid and pulls her to safety. When she comes to consciousness she realizes that she's been saved by Joe, and as a moral obligation to her code she puts aside her directive to kill him.

    Meanwhile, Spider-Man continues fighting Electro to no avail. As a last ditch effort, he breaks a fire hydrant in an attempt to spray Electro with water causing him to short circuit. However, Electro uses his powers to heat the air around him causing the water to immediately evaporate. Becoming infuriated, he begins to disrupt the electrical impulses within Spider-Man's brain, causing him intense pain. Telling Spider-Man that he's about to electrocute everything within a one mile radius, Electro promises Spider-Man he won't do it if the web slinger begs for his life. Seeing as he has no other choice, Spider-Man agrees and embarassingly begs for Electro not to kill him. Becoming satisfied, Electro fufills his end of the bargain by sparing the city, then flies away while laughing at Spider-Man.

    Humiliated Spider-Man gets up to notice Joe running toward him. He asks Joe where Dragonfly and the few surviving ninjas went only to find out that he let them go in order to further pursue a story he's been writing about the Black Tarantula. Spiderman is stunned at his choice, to which Joe responds that life is full of difficult decisions and that sometimes people must live with the consequences.


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