The Amazing Spider-Man #42

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #42 - The Birth of a Super-Hero! released by Marvel on November 1, 1966.

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    Peter Parker meets Mary Jane Watson for the first time... And robs a bank?

    At the start of this issue, Spidey is swinging through town with a bag of cash in one hand. The various citizens of New York are yelling out for someone to stop him, since it looks like Spidey has turned bank robber. A few seconds after Spidey has left, some police officers arrive at the scene. The police officers are unsure whether or not the citizens are telling the truth, but decide to send out an all-points alarm anyway. To prove that Spidey really did rob the bank, someone shows the police officers the bank vault, which has its steel bars bent apart. The same person mentions that J. Jonah Jameson has been printing lots of editorials against Spidey, and that they should have paid attention.

    Meanwhile, at the Queensboro Bridge, Spidey is scaling it. He says to himself that its good that no one can stop him now. However, he then drops the bag of money into the river, and says that the easy part has been done, and that the hard part will be trying to explain what he did. The bag hits the water, and he goes off to change to Peter Parker.

    Later, at the Daily Bugle, Frederick Foswell bursts in, looking for J. Jonah Jameson. Betty Brant explains that he's at Kennedy Airport, showing his son. Ned Leeds argues that Spidey robbing a bank is unlikely, but Frederick says that there were dozens of witnesses.

    Meanwhile, at Kennedy Airport, John Jameson is saying goodbye to his father, but mentions that he's feeling dizzy. He starts to stagger and as he puts a hand out to steady himself, John's hand crushes a metal pillar. He also notes that his clothes seem to be shrinking. John Jameson falls onto a table, which immediately smashes when he touches it. John stops feeling dizzy, but he notes that he has grown bigger. He moves slightly, and crashes through a wall, due to the fact that his muscles are too strong and that he is not used to the power. John realises that it must have been the space spores (from the previous issue) that changed him. The two Federal Agents who had been guarding John arrive, and they say that they're going to take him to a lab immediately.

    As a car heads to a lab, the Federal Agents deduce that that is the reason the enemy agents hired the Rhino the previous issue: they had anticipated the change in his strength. When the car reaches the lab, a scientist works out that the space spores must have come from a planet such as Jupiter with higher gravity. Another scientist agrees, but points out that the sudden change will have put a great strain on his heart and nervous system. They decide to get a special suit made for him, and so call Tony Stark. Shortly afterwards, a scientist is commenting on how quickly the suit was made and delivered. John describes the feeling as "being weighted down with lead" which the scientists point out is good. After testing it, the suit is perfect, as John can function normally in it without being a victim of his own strength. It will also regulate his heartbeat to lessen any strain upon it. However, John must remain under surveillance more than ever now, and so the Federal Agents must accompany him wherever he goes.

    As they leave the building, one of the agents asks Jonah how it feels to be the father of a new super hero. Jonah is bewildered for a moment, then realises that he means John. For a moment Jonah worries how it will look after he has been ridiculing super heroes for months, but decides that John isn't a phony like Spider-Man. Jonah goes into John's hotel with his son, hoping that he doesn't become a laughing stock after the way he's portrayed them for years.

    When they reach John's room, Jonah gets a call from Frederick Foswell, who tells him about the apparent bank robbery. Jonah gets extremely happy when he hears about that there are witnesses this time, and starts yelling out that the world will know he was right. Jonah explains to John that they can't be wrong, as he was seen breaking into the vault with his bare hands and climbing a sheer wall. After John questions why its a big break for them, Jonah explains that he was the only one who realised that Spidey was a criminal, but since he was the only one who said it, he wasn't believed. Now, however, he will be believed and backed up since there's apparent proof. Jonah then prompts John to go after Spider-Man, since he has super strength now enough to beat him. John eventually leaves, and one of the Federal Agents yells at him for letting him go off on his own. Jonah, however, explains that since he's going after Spider-Man, it's alright.

    Meanwhile, in a nearby courthouse, a scientist is commenting that the Rhino's suit is impossible to remove. Another scientist wonders if its a part of his body, but concludes that they must find out the secret before he regains consciousness. A doctor suggests that they keep him sedated with tranquiliser, but another comments that he's broken three needles already on the Rhino's skin. The doctors conclude that it must be some kind of super strong outer hide, not a costume, that gives him his power, but are unsure what to do. The doctors comment that its lucky he hasn't awakened, without realising that he is starting to awaken.

    Further down the hall, "Foggy" Nelson is complaining that he has to defend the Rhino even though he's busy and other attorneys have appointed to defend Rhino. However, the judge says that since Nelson has experience in bizarre cases, he would be best for the case. He also suggests that Nelson's partner Matt Murdock could take the case, but Nelson mentions that he's out of town. Nelson has already changed his mind though, and says that he will defend the Rhino.

    However, down where the Rhino is being held, he has fully regained consciousness and is breaking free. He runs away, whilst guards yell to get out of his way since help is on the way. Rhino says that help can't be coming since nothing can halt his charge, but in the corridor beyond someone is stopping him with the one thing that can stop him: a spray tranquiliser. However, they are not sure how long they can keep him, as he might develop an immunity to the tranquiliser if they keep him tranquilised indefinetly.

    Meanwhile, at Empire State University, Peter is leaving his bike and heading to his friends. Gwen offers for Peter to come to a party at her house on Sunday, and Peter is about to accept, when he remembers that he has to meet Mary Jane on Sunday. He tries to explain that he actually does have a reasonable reason for not accepting, but the others assume that doesn't like them.

    Peter spends the rest of the day worrying about meeting Mary Jane, and is annoyed that Gwen doesn't pay attention to him. He changes to Spidey and goes web-slinging, and before long runs into John Jameson. John punches Spidey without listening to him, but Spider-Man shoots out webbing to stop him. However, with John's new strength, he manages to break it easily with his strength. Spidey dodges John's next blow, then hits him in the stomach. He keeps dodging John's blows , and can't help but notice that every time he hits John, John doesn't seem to feel it. Since he can't hurt him, Spidey decides to simply dodge all his attacks and has John crash into a brick wall. Spidey catches the falling bricks with his webbing, then swings it at John. John still isn't hurt though, so Spidey shoots webbing into his face, picks him up, slams him to the ground, then swings off since he can't follow him as easily.

    He feels annoyed that he can't explain about the bank though, and how while he was Peter Parker his spider sense noticed a payroll bank that was different from the others. He could hear a faint ticking, so changed to Spider-Man, as someone was planning to rob the bank. Spider-Man then broke into the bank so that he could stop the bomb from exploding. Since he didn't have time to explain, people naturally thought he was robbing the bank. Eventually he managed to drop it into the water, which is where the story started.

    Peter breaks into the Daily Bugle, and explains that he was saving it. Jonah naturally doesn't believe him, so he tells Jonah to call the bank and ask if there's any money missing. Jonah mutters to himself that there's no way he'll call the bank no matter what Spidey says, but a minute later is on the phone. Panicking because he might be wrong about Spidey, Jonah is distracted when John bursts in, asking where Spider-Man is. Jonah tells him that he doesn't need to find him anymore since he's innocent, but John says he doesn't care and needs to find him to pay him back. Jonah convinces John to go back to his hotel, but John is still muttering about how he has to get Spider-Man back for beating him. Jonah can't help but notice that he's changed and is more merciless than before.

    Over at Peter's house, Peter is restless. He can't sleep, and realises that he left things too undecided with John. He decides to go and stop him, since he's too dangerous to be left at large in the city. Over in John's hotel, he too can't sleep, so leaves, mumbling that he has to prove he's the greatest hero of all by beating Spidey. For some strange reason, both Spider-Man and John Jameson run into each other, who immediately fight. John kicks off the weights on his feet, so that he can use his full kicking strength. He leaps up at Spidey, who can't dodge in time and so almost falls to the ground. Spidey crawls up the wall and onto the building's roof. John follows him, and Spidey tries to fight him, but is too outmatched. Eventually he manages to smash both of them through a skylight, and defeats John by knocking him into a generator which shocks the space spores out of his system. Jonah and some Federal Agents then arrive and take John back.

    The next day, Peter is worried about meeting Mary Jane, as he think she'll look like the Hulk. However, when he finally meets her, he sees that she's really beautiful, as she says her famous line, "Face it tiger... you just hit the jackpot!".



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