The Amazing Spider-Man #41

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #41 - The Horns of the Rhino! released by Marvel on October 1, 1966.

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    Spider-Man is confronted by the villain Rhino for the first time!

    This issues opens with Aunt May and Anna Watson in Anna's lounge room talking. Anna offers for Aunt May to move in with her, but Aunt May declines since she feels like Peter should still be looked after, even though Anna states that he's nearly twenty and is going to college. As Aunt May heads to the door to leave, Anna says she supposes that Aunt May is right, but is quietly thinking that if Peter were her nephew, she'd try to make him more independent.

    Meanwhile, in a shop, Peter has decided to buy a motorbike. He asks if he can finance it, and the shop owner says that if the bank approves of the loan, yes. He adds that they'll also need a credit reference, and Peter says that J. Jonah Jameson will vouch for him. Peter goes to call Jonah while the store owner draws up the papers for the deal.

    When Jonah receives the call, at first he is annoyed since Peter hasn't sold him any photos recently. However, he decides that if Peter has a debt to pay off to him, he'd have to sell him more pictures, which he could then buy cheap. He then tells Peter he will vouch for him, whilst chortling. Putting down the phone, Jonah angrily says to his son, John Jameson, that he's too soft on everyone. He also remembers that it's time to "roast Spider-Man's hide" in an editorial again. John, however, asks what Jonah has against him. He reminds Jonah that his life was saved by Spider-Man years ago, but Jonah stubbornly says that John never needed Spider-Man's help and that he just took the credit for it. John reminds Jonah about how his capsule had lost its guidance system, and how it began plummeting to Earth. The space agency had had no way of saving him, until they gave a spare guidance system to Spidey, who commandeered a small jet, and then shot a web to the capsule to that he could re-attach the guidance system. For reasons unknown, on that day Spidey made himself scarce the moment he was back on the ground.

    Jonah yells at his son and tells him not to believe such a cheap publicity stunt. Questioning Jonah about this, Jonah tells John that he sabotaged the capsule himself so that it would look as if he was a hero when he rescued John. John asks who told Jonah such a ridiculous story. Jonah starts to say that he made it up, but quickly corrects himself and says that nobody had to tell him because he can spot a phoney when he sees one. Muttering to himself about how much he hates Spidey, Jonah says that if it weren't for his editorials, people would think that he's a hero, whilst throwing a dart at a picture of Spider-Man. John asks Jonah if he's being fair to Spider-Man, which Jonah ignores. Telling his father to forget about Spider-Man, John tells him that on his last mission something strange happened. After Jonah inquires further, John tells him that that after he re-entered the capsule after his space walk, some strange spores had drifted in with him. Even after he had landed the space spores still clung to his space suit, then later his body. The spores did, however, fade away after a while. John had to undergo many examinations and had to be under guard for a minimum of six months. John explains to Jonah that that's why there are two guards outside the door at the moment.

    Several miles away, a man who calls himself the Rhino is heading for a border checkpoint. He ignores the security guards who tell him to stop, even though they warn him that they'll shoot. However, a moment later they find that all their bullets are bouncing off Rhino harmlessly. Rhino rushes through all the guards and simply runs into a concrete brickhouse to smash through it. Rhino keeps heading in the same direction as before, bragging that he is unstoppable.

    Meanwhile, in New York, Peter is thinking about how much he can't wait to get his motorbike. By complete chance, he bumps into Betty Brant in the street, who had previously left New York to get her mind off Peter. They decide to go get a cup of coffee, whilst both are nervous about the other. The two exchange small talk, but both are groping for words and unsure what to say. Ned Leeds walks into the coffee shop, and is as surprised to see Betty as Peter was. The two begin talking, neither of them groping for words as Betty and Peter were. Peter decides to leave so the two of them can be by themselves, and claims he has an appointment he has to go to.

    Outside in the street, Peter's eye catches a TV with footage of Rhino on it. The news reporter says that Rhino is heading for NY, and Peter wonders if he'll be able to stop Rhino should he arrive. Peter notices J. Jonah Jameson and John Jameson in the street, so he goes over to greet them. However, he is stopped by one of the federal agents who is guarding John, as John drives off to his hotel. Peter stays behind with Jonah and thanks him for vouching for him at the bank for his loan. Jonah angrily tells him to get some pictures of the Rhino, then leaves.

    Whilst heading for Aunt May's house, Peter wonders why the federal agents were guarding John, before he wonders how Aunt May will take the news of his motorbike. When he gets inside, he tells her about it, and she merely tells him to drive it carefully. Peter goes to study, but can't keep his mind off things such as the agents guarding John Jameson and his bike.

    At a railroad yard at the outskirts of the city, two guards are investigating a train carriage which has someone inside it. Opening the door, the guards are surprised to see Rhino burst out. The two guards try to stop Rhino, but they find that their bullets simply bounce off him.

    At home, Peter overhears that the Rhino has arrived in New York. Changing to Spider-Man, he leaves to go stop Rhino.

    At John Jameson's hotel suite, John and Jonah both hear gunfire outside, and the sound of the two federal agents fighting something. Rhino bursts through the door , and kidnaps John.

    Spidey sees lots of cars heading for the hotel, so heads over there. Listening in at the window, Spidey hears that Rhino captured John. He then leaves to go find Rhino. Seeing him in the street below, Spidey jumps on him to distract him, but Rhino punches him hard enough to knock him off. Rhino tells Spidey that he's a fool for butting into the fight then charges at him, but Spidey jumps out of the way just in time. Spidey then tries punching Rhino, but Rhino doesn't even feel the blow. Spidey jumps onto a wall to avoid a punch of the Rhino's whilst asking him what he wants with John Jameson. Rhino explains that he himself doesn't care about him, but that other countries will pay a fortune for him being delivered to them. At the same time, he manages to punch Spidey since Spidey underestimates his speed.

    Spidey recovers from the blow, though, and kicks Rhino into a pole. It does nothing though, and Rhino charges at Spidey. Spidey dodges to the pole Rhino had hit, and jumps off again when Rhino headbutts it. Spidey decides to try and tire him out and see if that will knock him out. Rhino charges towards Spidey, but Spidey simply dodges to the side and hits him into the wall. Rhino manages to punch him, though, but Spidey covers him with webbing to stall for time. Whilst he's trying to get out of it, Spidey headbutts him then dodges a punch of Rhino's, whilst noticing that it seems slower than the others. Dodging another kick of Rhino's Spidey grabs his head with his legs and slams Rhino into the ground. Rhino tries to get up, but collapses a moment later. Spidey leaves the police and ambulance to look after John Jameson and take Rhino into custody. John and Jonah start arguing over whether or not Spidey saved John's life.

    Spidey panics for a moment as he realises that he forgot to take pictures, but the next day when he has his motorbike he is glad. Passing Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson, they joke that Peter might be "turning human"at last since he's got a motorbike. Peter heads home to show Aunt May his motorbike. He's about to head to bed, before Aunt May tells him that he's got to meet Mary Jane the next day, since she's been waiting to see him for months.



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