The Amazing Spider-Man #41

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #41 - Looking Back released by Marvel on July 1, 2002.

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    Spidey meets Jennifer Hardesty in the condemned building, and gets the name of Lieutnant William Lamont, her brother's youth officer. Shade's thug watches as he leaves. At the 14th Precint, Spidey meets with Lamont, looking for ingormation on the shade. At her home, May mounts a positive Spidey letter-writting campaign. She tells Peter that MJ is flying in on Tuesday but will only be in New York for one night. Peter promises to meet her at the airport. Later, Spidey and Lamont head to Latterby Mental Institution to speak to an inmate, Richard Cranston, who tells them how Jake was drawn into the astral plane, the sight of which drives Richard insane. Searching for mystic help, Spidey visits Dr. Strange.

    Flashback: Searching for the power to slip through the stral plane, Richard Cranston kills the Soccora's occult Books proprietor. Arrested he works on the spell in prison and begins the mystic ceremony only yo be cold-cocked by his cellmate, Jack, who takes his place in the pentagram. Cranston breaks the pentagram's border, opening the astral door imperfectly, pulling Jake in.


    Features back-up story "You Can Call Me Al: Part 2".


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