The Amazing Spider-Man #369

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #369 - Electric Doom released by Marvel on November 1992.

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    Peter takes his parents on a tour of Empire State University. Flash and Peter talk about high school. Peter overhears fellow students saying that Electro is causing a ruckus and makes a quick change into Spider-Man. He then leaps into action against the villian. Spidey dives into action against Electro. His situation is complicated by the arrival of a humanoid killer robot. Unable to harm the robot, Spider-Man's luck runs out as Electro and the robot team up. Spidey flees to an abandoned building and the robot pursues him. His efforts to stop the machine have no effect, he exits the building and engages Electro. Our hero tricks Electro into zapping a fuse box which causes a massive explosion, demolishing the building. The robot, still inside, is destroyed. Electro escapes, leaving Spider-Man to wonder yet again, who is sending the robots against him. Meanwhile, the Tinkerer gives Felicia Hardy a briefcase, and she says that she has a surprise for a certain Spider.

    Plus: A short story with Liz Allan and Harry Osborn.


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