The Amazing Spider-Man #33

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #33 - The Final Chapter released by Marvel on February 1, 1966.

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    Spider-Man attempts to find the ISO-36 serum that may provide a cure for Aunt May. But from whose hands must he acquire this unique formula? Peter must make some difficult choices to save the ones he loves.

    We see Spider-Man as we left him last issue, His Aunt May is dying in the hospital and the only thing that can save her is the serum known as ISO-36, It is near him but he is in engulfed by water and heavy machinery in the Master Planner's underwater base. He tries to pick it up but he is too exhausted from his fight with Dr. Octopus. There are cracks in the ceiling that are getting bigger and bigger. In any moment the whole river above him can drop below. After struggling for a long while and almost giving up, Spidey reminds himself of his responsibility to Aunt May, that her life depends on him getting the sample to Dr. Connors. With that in mind, Spider-Man uses every last ounce of strength and his iron will to push the weight off and away from him. With his leg badly injured, Spider-Man grabs the serum containing the isotope ISO-36 just as the roof collapses above him creating a huge amount of water that violently sweeps him through a tunnel with henchmen waiting for him. After a beating from the henchmen Spidey knocks them all out without being aware of it. With no time to think about where Doctor Octopus has went, Spider-Man delivers the ISO-36 to Doctor Connors just in time. After long hours and a positive test with May's stolen blood sample, the serum is proven to be a success. He returns to the scene with the out-cold henchmen and snaps a few pictures of them and then Calls Daily Bugle so that Fredrick Foswell can report the story. Back at the Bugle, Peter is there all bruised up and Betty Brant wonders what happened to him. Peter says it was part of his job of getting new photos for Jameson. Peter returns to the hospital to check on Aunt May's condition and the final series of test are in. Good news is reported that the serum is a success. For everything Peter loses in this story, he achieves what mattered the most.



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    This is why I read comics 0

    I had to write a review because this is by far the best issue I´ve ever read. It always reminds me what a great character Spider-Man is.  Peter´s aunt is dying and he is captured under a massive piece of construct unit while Doc Ock´s HQ is flood. The serum for his aunt is almost in grasp but even if he could reach it he would still be captured. He tries everything to free himself but fails and fails again. Peter is exhausted from the fight with Doc Ock but then he remembers that he can get thro...

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    Anyone Can Win A Fight When the Odds Are Easy... 0

    This is it 'The Final Chapter' in the story arc that has been come to be known as The Final Chapter. The three issues that culminate with this one marks the place where The Amazing Spider-Man went from stock superhero fights bad guy stories to stories with deeper levels and greater texture to them.Stuck under a massive pile of steel, in an underwater hideout that's collapsing, Spider-Man must push himself beyond anything he's ever done before. At stake is the life of Aunt May. This issue capture...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Awesomeness Ensues 0

    This issue has one of my favorite Spidey moments in it, though it's probably not the one your thinking of. The moment comes after he's successfully lifted the massive weight that had pinned him to the ground in Doc Ock's underwater HQ through the determination, willpower, and love for those close to him that he's known for. Immediately after escaping, a huge rush of water plows into him and he's forced to dodge and weave through the debris as he's pushed along. When the rush of water finally com...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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