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The true identity of the Master Planner revealed! But why is the villain collecting radioactive materials? And what's with those strange experiments? Plus, Peter continues to deal with the stresses of Aunt May's illness and the pressures of being a full-time student.

Scene 1 : We finally find out who the "Master Planner" is, he is none other than Doctor Octopus himself. He is getting his men ready for his latest scheme. SCENE 2 : Peter goes to the Daily Bugle to sell some Photos but Betty Brant stops him to talk. He wants her to leave him alone knowing she would hate him if she ever found out he was really Spider-Man. So he picks a fight with Ned Leeds going so far as to physically push him, in hopes that Betty would get angry and never want to talk to him again. Scene 3 : Peter is at the Doctors Office, the doctor tells him that Aunt May is sick because of some radioactive particles in her blood. Of course Peter blames himself. He thinks that maybe Curt Connors (The Lizard ) can help so he steals a sample of May's blood and takes it to him. Scene 4 : A serum doctor Connors needed to help analyze the blood, unfortunately Doctor Octopus has his men steal it. Spider-Man tells Connors to keep working, he will retrieve the serum. Scene 5 : In A rage Spider-Man tears up the city looking for the "Master Planner". He finally finds a group of his men and goes into the laboratory that Dr. Octopus was working in. Scene 6 : The two fight, but Octopus is surprised by the rage he is fighting with. In order to escape Dr. Octopus collapses the room on Spider-Man trapping him under tons of steel and concrete. Scene 7 : Back at Curt Connors lab, He is worried Spider-Man will not make it before the serum loses it's potency and May can not be saved.



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The Best Silver Age Spider-Man Story Arc 0

Things go from bad to worse as Aunt May slips into a coma. Then Peter Parker learns that he himself may be responsible for her condition. In desperation he turns to one of his old foes, Dr. Connors (AKA The Lizard) for help. But no sooner do they find a potential cure than The Master Planner's men steal it. Spider-Man goes on a rampage through the New York underworld in search of The Master Planner. And when he learns The Master Planner's true identity, it turns into all-out-war.This is without ...

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