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A new era continues as red-hot writer J. Michael Straczynski (Rising Stars, Midnight Nation) teams with all-star John Romita Jr. on Marvel's flagship title! Peter Parker embarks on a new career that will take him back to his roots, and possibly unearth them! Meanwhile, dark forces rally against our favorite wall-crawler! Now featuring covers by J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl)!

The issue begins with Peter flashing back to his confrontation with Ezekiel. Aunt May asks him what he's thinking about and Peter lies, instead mentioning that he walked by his old school. He says the school was looking rough, and Aunt May tells him that they're hiring substitute teachers.

Ezekiel is in a board meeting; having fun at his accountant's expense. Later, he sees Spider-Man swinging by and his assistant asks if he made contact. Ezekiel replies in the affirmative and she tells him that she hopes he knows what he's doing.

Spidey swings past Morlun and Dex who are at a cafe. Morlun notices Spider-Man and his eyes glow red. This sets off Peter's spider-sense stronger than it had ever gone off before. After hiding for a moment, he gingerly sets back out on his way.

Peter arrives at the school's office, where the secretary is on the floor trying to kill a spider. Peter helps it escape and asks about the work experience teaching credential. As the secetary gets the paperwork, his spider-sense goes off. A gunman has entered the school and opened fire.

Peter manages to hide in a classroom where he encounters Joey; a bullied student he had met before. Peter and Joey manage to cause a smoke cloud distraction and Peter changes to Spider-Man. Spidey manages to subdue the gunman and is shocked that he's only a kid.

As the cops take the gunman away, Peter realizes that at one time that could have been him. One day it might be Joey. Peter talks to the Phys-Ed coach as Joey's teacher walks out saying he quits. The coach asks Peter's name and Peter introduces himself as the new science teacher.

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