The Amazing Spider-Man #283

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #283 - With Foes Like These... released by Marvel on December 1986.

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    While looking for Flash Thompson, Spidey runs into villainess Titania mid heist. And she’s called in backup from her fiancé, Carl “The Crusher” Creel! How will Spider-Man defeat Titania and Absorbing Man when civilian life’s at risk? Time to call in the Avengers!

    Flash Thompson, still on the run from the police after escaping from jail, is hiding in a New York alley but hides when he hears sirens. Spider-Man swings past and hitches a ride on top of one of the police cars. It drives him to the source of the problem, Titania, who is attacking the police after knocking off diamonds from a jewellery store.

    Realising she’s now up against Spider-Man, the only foe that has ever defeated her, Titania escapes and changes into her civilian clothes. Spidey follows her to a luxury hotel and finds that she is in a relationship with the Absorbing Man!

    After hearing that they’ve got a big job planned this evening at Laguardia Airport, Spider-Man calls the Avengers and warns them. Instead of stopping it himself, Peter heads for dinner with Mary Jane and reaffirms his intention to hang up his webs once Flash Thompson’s name is cleared. However a radio news report on a major disturbance at Avengers Mansion prompts Peter to suit up and stop Titania and the Absorbing Man himself.

    Shortly afterwards, in a heated battle with Titania, Absorbing Man picks up a plane load of passengers and threatens to crush them unless Spider-Man agrees to call the fight a draw. Spidey quits and web-swings off, much to the amazement of civilian witnesses.

    The next morning, Flash is seen hiding in the same alley reading a copy of the Daily Bugle, with the headline “Spider-Man Coward!!”. Flash doubts his hero would do such a thing, and vows to stop running away.


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