The Amazing Spider-Man #280

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #280 - Introducing the Sinister Syndicate released by Marvel on September 1986.

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    What do you do when a gang of super-villains gets together to make a lot of money out of crime? If you're Silver Sable, Inc., which makes its money catching crooks, you hire Spider-Man! But will even Spidey be enough to stop Hydroman, Speed Demon, the Beetle, Boomerang and the rampaging Rhino?

    Spider-Man, against his better judgement, answers an advertisement from the Silver Sable in the Daily Bugle calling for his help in capturing Jack O'Lantern. Although against the idea of working for a fee at first, Spidey realises he can use the money to help pay for Flash Thompson's legal bills, who is in jail charged with being the Hobgoblin.

    Spidey and Sable track down Jack to Coney Island, but are instead confronted by the Sinister Syndicate, a team of super-villains made up of the Rhino, Hydro-Man, The Beetle, Boomerang and Speed Demon. A battle ensues, and with Spider-Man and Silver Sable outnumbered, they end up taking cover under the Coney Island Cyclone roller-coaster. They quickly have the structure brought down on top of them and are surrounded by their foes!

    Meanwhile, a man with the alias of Sylvester Mann leaves his lodgings near Coney Island Park for an evening walk across the beach. Little do his lodgers know that he is fact the former criminal... the Sandman!


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