The Amazing Spider-Man #28

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #28 - The Menace of the Molten Man released by Marvel on September 1, 1965.

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    Peter Parker needs his old costume, so he goes to the lab of the inventor Smythe, who created the robot J. Johna Jameson used to try and beat Spiderman with. During that battle Parker had to remove his costume in order to escape. While there he witnesses an argument between Smythe and a man named Raxton, which results in an accident turning Raxton into, THE MOLTEN MAN. At first Raxton is confused when he walks out of the lab, but on the street he gets mad at a driver and smashes the car with his fists.

    Realizing his power Raxton decides he can be a super villain, but before he can do anything Spiderman comes in through his window and asks Raxton to turn himself in stating that so far no major crimes have been committed. Of course Raxton doesn't listen and a fight breaks out. Using brains and his webbing Spiderman is able to defeat the Molten Man with a minimal fuss.

    After the fight, Peter goes to his graduation, where he meets Liz Allan, who seems to be pretty sad. She tells Peter that she loves him more than just a friend.



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    Indoor fiighting 0

    One thing that happens in this issue, that has never ever happened in any issue of the Amazing Spider Man before this is, that Spidey actually tries to reason with a villain before he jumps in punching. That is a big step in the evolution of comic book characters. Now if we can get two heroes ( who are supposed to be friends ) to meet without hitting each other, that would be something. Actually, this is a well written and drawn issue. I can see Stan treating the characters a little different....

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    Changes in the Wind 0

    Part of CV's Top 100 Spider-Man Universe Stories - reviewed!Issue 28 would at first glance seem to be just another issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. Peter Parker goes to the scientist Smythe's to retrieve his Spider-Man costume. While there, there is (predictably) a laboratory accident. This results in the creation of the Molten Man.The Molten Man storms off and destroys a car in the process. Spider-Man goes to bring him in and the two get into a long, multi-page battle. This seems to be Steve Di...

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