johnnydarkness's The Amazing Spider-Man #230 - To Fight The Unbeatable Foe! review

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Juggernaut vs Spidey

If you've ever wondered what would happen if Spider-Man fought the Juggernaut, then here's a story for you. In my opinion, this is something of a minor classic, as it features the conclusion of the first meeting between these two, and because it features Spider-Man at his best. Outgunned, but never outwitted.

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    Spidey's Concrete Thinking... 0

    This issue helps conclude the two issue story arc featuring Spidey's attempts to stop the Unstoppable Juggernaut!   Having been dispatched by Madame Web to help save her from Juggernaut, who has been sent to kill her, Spider-Man does virtually everything he can think to thwart the Juggernaut.    Facing the monster alone, Spider-Man is barely able to save Madame Web, but does not give up on pursuing Juggernaut who continues on his rampage through NYC.   Through some tactics and shrewd thinking, a...

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