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It's difficult for Spider-Man to take down the Black Cat. Especially when his heart is involved. An emotional and wrenching battle that Spider-Man doesn't want to win!

Goin' Straight!

After the Black Cat told Spider-Man she would go straight, the web-slinger headed to Jean DeWolff and asked for the Black Cat to be pardoned for her previous crimes, with little avail. When he headed over back to Felicia's apartment, however, he discovered that she had plans to pull another heist once again, betraying his trust.

Even though Felicia apologized and told Spidey that she would abandon the thought, he found the Black Cat at the site of the heist anyway, later at night. The prized statuette's ownership turned out to be the possession of yet another crime boss, who attacked the both of them, but only succeeded in wounding one of Spidey's legs.

After webbing the crime lord and his men up, Spider-Man began his pursuit of the Black Cat once more. But when he finally had her wrapped up in his webbing near a pier, she dived into the waters, claiming that she'd rather die than be imprisoned. Spidey leaped in after her, but couldn't find her even after an intense search.

Jean DeWolff arrived a little later with the DA Office's conditional amnesty for the Black Cat, but realized it was too late, to which Spidey replied with a request to be left alone, as he tossed the amnesty papers into the water.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Captain America In "Fury Unleashed!".
  • After seven years and a total of 73 ads, this was the final Hostess ad to appear in this title. The first Hostess ad in this title was in Amazing Spider-Man #144, May 1975
  • Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.


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