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The rise of Mud-Thing! After Spider-Man tosses Sandman and Hydro-man off the docks, the two villains merge into one horrific sand-mud monstrosity. Will New York ever be safe from the wrath of Mud-Thing? Sadie Frickett takes it to court to defend the men she loves, but ends up promoting Mud-Thing in their own Broadway revue! Think that’s the strangest thing to happen in this issue? Think again!

Eye of the Beholder

Continued from the previous issue.

After throwing Sandman and Hydro-Man into the river, they fused together into a mud giant. The "Mud-Thing" ended up capturing Sadie Frickett, who sensed that the creature wouldn't hurt her and allowed herself to be carried away.

A week passed, and the Mud-Thing was put on trial. Thanks to Matt Murdock, however, Sadie won the case on behalf of her two boyfriends. Another week went by, and the Mud-Thing was a big hit on Broadway. However, after seeing Sadie smooching with the agent managing their show, jealousy triggered the Mud-Thing to go into a mindless rampage.

In the true fashion of the influencing movie, the beast climbed up a building with Sadie in its hand, Choppers arrived and released some gas onto the Mud-Thing, causing it to crumble into pieces, and the creature's remaining parts fell down the building - along with Sadie. After Spider-Man fired a web net just in time and brought her safely to ground level, the agent she had kissed earlier talked about making a movie out of Sadie's tragedy. Sadie immediately left him, claiming that she was uninterested.

As Spider-Man looked on, he concluded the issue with a quote from King Kong, "It was beauty killed the beast," adding on that "What he forgot was that Beauty didn't do too well, either."


  • The second-half of this issue is an utter homage to the iconic character, King Kong, who appeared in a recent 1976 remake movie as of this issue's release.
  • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, Iron Man In "The Charge Of The Rhinos!"
  • The artwork on the last panel of page 3 was used as the cover for the 1980's Marvel Video Library #8 VHS release "Spider-man VS. The Sandman: The Sandman Is Coming".

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