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Spider-Man plays local hero during the New York City Marathon, keeping runner and spectator alike safe. But when Madame Web’s clairvoyance picks up an assassination plot, will Spider-Man uncover the perpetrator in time? Plus, is Debra Whitman getting back together with her hometown flame?


At the beginning of this issue, a worn and torn Peter Parker paid a visit to Debra Whitman, only to find her with another man. Grumbling, he decided he might as well tend to his injuries and headed to the nearby hospital. There, he overheard a plan to murder someone running in a race. However, he had no idea where the murder was going to happen or whom was going to be knocked off, and consulting Madame Web didn't help a bit. However, there was an upcoming marathon at the time, and Peter knew that was it.

As Spider-Man, he headed to the marathon and hoped to catch the killer there. While being interrupted by a number of unrelated disturbances - including a banjo-playing man he mistook to be wielding a rifle, a falling fire escape filled with kids, and a pickpocket - Spider-Man kept chase on the proceeding race. Nearing the finish line, however, he still couldn't find any sign of the assassins near the marathon routes. That was, until Madame Web later phoned Spider-Man through a public phone that the victim intended was the congressional candidate, Barney Wicker, and the race intended was a political race, not the marathon! Knowing that Wicker was going to congratulate the reigning champion who finish the race first, Spider-Man knew that would be the moment the assassins would choose to make their move.

Quickly rushing to the finish line, Spider-Man hurried to the water tower Madame Web informed him the assassins would be waiting at. Instead of a stealthy approach, he went for a direct one and caused himself a whole lot of trouble, leading the assassins to blast lead at his direction. Though his leg was injured, he knew he had no choice but to stop the assassins quickly before the first athlete reached the end of the marathon. Persevering, Spider-Man pushed against the roof of the water tower with all his remaining strength, and managed to hurl the weight on top of the assassins, claiming victory just as an athlete reached the finish line!


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Thing In "Earthly Delights"

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