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After being released from prison, Abner Jenkins once again dons his Beetle guise and prepares to gain revenge on the Human Torch. Torch overhears of his release and plans to keep an eye on the super villain. Meanwhile, Peter Parker has come to the conclusion that he's done enough studying for one afternoon and heads out for a little web-slinging as Spider-Man.

Spidey oversees Torch doing a couple of tricks to impress a crowd of onlookers. Unfortunately for Torch, the Beetle also sees him and decides to follow him unnoticed. Torch winds up at Doris Evans' house, and after a small argument with his girlfriend, Johnny Storm makes an agreement not to flame on as the Torch for the next twenty-four hours, lest he loses the girl he loves.

The next day, as Doris is out shopping, a couple of rambunctious kids knock her purchases out of her hands. Amiable Peter Parker lends her a hand and then spies her wallet lying on the ground after she has left. Returning it to her home, Peter unwittingly finds himself used by Doris to make Johnny a tad jealous. Inadvertently, this causes more problems for Peter's love life between himself and "Daily Bugle" secretary Betty Brant.

As Spider-Man, Peter returns to Doris' home later that day...only to see the Beetle lurking about her yard. In the midst of their brawl, Doris catches sight of the pair and calls Johnny for help. Thinking it's a ruse to trick him into flaming on, Johnny denies her request for help, leaving Spider-Man to fend off the Beetle alone.

Crashing through a window, the Beetle and the wall-crawler move their fight inside, further endangering poor Doris Evans...as she gets kidnapped in the process. Spider-Man leaves to save her just before Storm pays a visit to his girlfriend's house. Finding it a shambles, Storm quickly becomes the Human Torch and sets out to find his beloved. Believing Spider-Man to be the kidnapper, Torch lays into the luckless web-slinger.

During their battle, however, Torch spots the Beetle and realizes his mistake. Cornering him in a condemned building, Torch allies his offense with Spider-Man to capture the villain and save Doris Evans.


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So i just read TAS issue 21 "Where the beetle flies". This was my first encounter with Abner Jenkins AKA The Beetle. I tought TB was a cool villain and put a good match up against spider man in the issue. What i did not like was the dialog and the overall story. It was kinda lame and not very intresting. The last fight between the human torch, the beetle and spiderman is the highlight in my opinion. Overall decent story....

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Character Inconsistency 0

The relationship between Spider-Man and The Human Torch is one of the most schizophrenic in comics. As often as they meet and team-up, you'd think they'd have more respect for each other, or a better understanding of each others character and powers - nope. When the Human Torch's girlfriend calls saying she's in danger, and he gets to her place and it's wrecked and there are traces of webbing lying around - does he assume there's been a fight, possibly with The Beetle, who he knows is on the loo...

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All is unfair for Spidey in love and war 0

Torch and Spidey fight over a girl (well not exactly)...and the Beetle too.     "Am I destined to go through life as a professional 'fall guy'? Why must i be a costumed, super-powered sad sack?" - Spider-ManOne thing i like about this issue is the character contrast; Johnny Storm vs Peter Parker in the eyes of Johnny's (current) girlfriend Dorris and also Spiderman vs Torch.  Same people, yes, and what's even cooler is how Johnny weighs out Pete and Spidey. The 2 guys aren't friends yet.Also as ...

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