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Spider-Man and Peter Parker come up against Punisher, and it’s far from pretty! Spider-Man busts the Punisher interrogating drug dealers, and is able to dissuade him from lethal force. Peter Parker is covering a story on drug lord Lorenzo Jacobi- the same man Punisher’s trying to kill! All trails lead to Spidey, as Punisher draws a connection between Peter and Jacobi!


Peter Parker has a great day, first a new story and assignment with the beautiful April Maye and his Aunt May is finally getting better. What could go wrong, well why the Punisher. When Punishers next vigilante spree brings Spider-Man in on it he cant help but ask who this man is, and why is he always around when he is working exacting his revenge. And In the end he will find out how both Peter Parker the photographer and Spider-man are linked.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, Mr. Fantastic in "A Passion For Gold"
  • Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.

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