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As we begin this issue, the mysterious figure who had been tailing Peter Parker in the finale of the last installment is still sticking to Peter like glue. After following him home from school, the stranger takes off and Peter uses the opportunity to garb himself in his Spider-Man get-up.

As Spidey, he follows the man to a telephone booth but can't overhear the stranger's conversation. The next day, the man is still following Peter as he heads over to the "Daily Bugle". On an upper floor of the building, J. Jonah Jameson sees an article about one Dr. Farley Stillwell and suddenly gets hit by a whopper of inspiration...create an anti-Spider-Man to use against his wall-crawling obsession.

We then find out that the stranger who has been following Parker is a man named Mac Gargan; and that he's in the employee of Jonah himself. It seems Jonah wanted to discover the secret behind Parker's ability to take such great news photos. Now, however, Jameson has a much more daunting task for the unsuspecting Gargan. Together, the pair head for the laboratory of Dr. Stillwell.

Against his better judgment, Farley is persuaded to transform Mac Gargan into a deadly new superhero: the Scorpion. Setting out to defeat Spider-Man, the Scorpion finds he has a seemingly limitless amount of strength and stamina. After tossing the luckless web-head through an empty water tower, Scorpion decides he is better suited to a life of crime than following the whims of a man like Jameson.

After robbing an armored car, Scorpion is confronted by Dr. Stillwell, who recognized that the creation process Scorpion underwent succeeded in allowing his evil nature to rise to the surface. Concocting an antidote, he tries to convince the Scorpion to drink it and save his sanity. However, the Scorpion has already embraced his evil tendencies and inadvertently causes the death of Dr. Stillwell.

Hearing of Farley's death, Jonah is burdened by the guilty realization that his personal hatred for Spider-Man has caused him to unleash something even more vile upon the city. Jameson faces more pressure when the Scorpion arrives at the "Bugle" to kill Jonah...seeing as how Jonah is the last living person to know the Scorpion's real identity.

Showing up on the scene in the nick of time, Spider-Man and the Scorpion do battle again. This time, Spidey gains the upper hand after ripping the Scorpion's prosthetic tail off. Receiving numerous cuts and bruises, the web-slinger also realizes his costume has sustained a large dose of damage. The issue ends with poor Peter pricking his fingers mercilessly while trying to stitch the shredded costume.


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Here it is! The issue with the first appearence of the Scorpion. In this we also get his origin story, which is pretty rad. This comic is written by Stan Lee and drawn by one of my favorite artist Steve Ditko. I really enjoyed reading this issue. The story is great and the art is just fantastic. What i like the most about this issue is is that the Scorpion is not made out to be a joke. He's actually a threat to be reckoned with here. I don't know why, but in later appearences he's made out to be...

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Not Worth Your Time 0

There is little to distinguish this issue. Sure, it's the first appearance of the Scorpion, but the fight between Scorpion and Spider-Man is in all ways conventional. The writing is in fact kind of bland and could just as easily have been any generic superhero fight.Ordinarily I'd rank such a comic 2.5 stars out of 5, a right down the middle average issue. But then there's some other things I distinctly dislike about this issue. For one thing, Spider-Man sneaks into his house which is under surv...

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Time is a Harsh Mistress 0

Of all the Spider-Man villain premiers I've read (which, to be fair, isn't a whole lot at this point) I think the Scorpion's is my favorite. Not only does he have an interesting origin story, but he's also the first villain to really lay into Spidey. Scorpion defeats Spider-Man multiple times in this issue and he's set up as a really intimidating foe. It also shows how resilient Peter is. Each time he's defeated, he gets up and charges into battle with the Scorpion again, despite knowing that he...

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