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    The Vulture's rampage in Manhattan begins. Can Spidey take down the avian menace?

    Plot Summaries

    'Duel To The Death With The Vulture' - (Lee/Ditko)

    A new criminal called The Vulture who flies around dressed as a vulture has been terrorizing New York City. Peter Parker still struggling for money realises that if he is able to take pictures of The Vulture and Spider-Man he could sell them to J. Jonah Jameson and help out his Aunt May with the bills. The Vulture deciding his next heist will be to next rob the Park Avenue Jewellery Exchange is making preparations when Spider-Man spots him and starts taking his picture but suddenly Spider-Man is spotted by The Vulture. The two fight briefly before the Vulture flies away and Peter taking the pictures to J. Jonah Jameson impresses him with the photos and offers a cash reward for any additional photos Peter is able to bring him. The Vulture then tricks everyone by robbing the Jewellery Exchange from below rather than above (as people would expect of the flying criminal) and Spider-Man sets off in chase and the two clash once more this time with Spider-Man being able to defeat and capture The Vulture. Having more photos of The Vulture and the fight with Spider-Man, Peter is able to sell them to Jameson and earn even more money for Aunt May and himself.

    The Uncanny Threat Of The Terrible Tinkerer - (Lee/Ditko)

    Peter Parker's teacher recommends him to be a science assistant to Dr. Cobbwell who asks Peter to stop by the Tinkerer Repair Shop to collect his radio on his way over to the laboratory. Upon arriving at the store Peter's spider-sense detects a weird electrical impulse at the shop and from the radio he collected for the Doctor. Upon closer inspection of the radio he discovers a strange device implanted within it. Returning to the store as Spider-Man he discovers a group of extraterrestrials have been placing spy devices into radios to discover Earth's weaknesses. Upon being discovered by one of the aliens, Spider-Man fights the group but is eventually captured before he manages to escape and gain the upper hand and the group of aliens flee and return to their spaceship and leave the Earth for good. Peter meanwhile returns to Doctor Cobbwell's laboratory and as he returns tells of an alleged sighting he had of an alien spaceship though determines it was all just likely his imagination playing tricks on him.


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    The Vulture Flies 0

    It’s really difficult to be too critical of these early issues of Spider-Man, after all these were the formative steps taken by Lee and Ditko that created the, now, iconic hero. The early 1960’s were simpler times, but they were also one of the most important eras in modern day history. In May 1963 JFK was still alive, the Berlin wall hadn’t long been built, the Space Race was in full flight, Martin Luther King was in the midst of the Civil Rights campaign and Beatlemania had engulfed the world....

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    The Vulture's First Appearance! 0

    Another two story issue for Spider-Man's second issue both featuring the introduction of a new villain that will both play a major role in Spider-Man's history. "The Vulture" has had more of an impact on Spider-Man's life and will soon become of his greatest foes, than the "Terrible Tinkerer" who i kind of dislike, but both are very important characters.The first story begins as The Vulture swoops around the city stealing valuables in an easy fashion. This is where Peter first gets the idea gett...

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    It's a plane! It's a Vulture! It's An Alien! 0

    A fun little double story issue this one, one good villain, one set of not good villains. Firstly we see the introduction of The Vulture, a nefarious individual who has constructed a set of wings which he of course uses to commit dastardly aerial assaults. Can our spider catch himself a criminal vulture? Second we have The Terrible Tinkerer and his mysterious crew offering cheap radio repairs! Spider-Man senses something is afoot and investigates these hideous purveyors of cheap radio repair.I a...

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