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Illusions twist and bend into reality, as a still-recovering Spider-Man is victim to Mysterio's torture. Will the end of Spider-Man be a rapidly filling swimming pool? When it comes to Mysterio, all bets are off the table!


Now You See Me! Now You Die!

Mysterio has chained Spider-Man to the bottom of the Nursing Home swimming pool, and in an instant, Spidey is deluged with water. Using all his energies, he breaks the chains binding him to the pool, and escapes.

After the battles between Mysterio and the Kingpin, Pete needs a rest, and swings home. After a good night sleep, as well as a visit from friends, he finds his broken arm completely healed, and feels renewed with energy! Time to tackle the problem again!

Peter heads back to the old Parker house, the subject of everyone's interest, when Mysterio reappears, and once again engages Spider-Man in battle. The fight continues to the Nursing Home, where Mysterio announces that he is giving up the search. The treasure, if there ever was one, is long gone, and he opts to quit the battle while he is still ahead. He draws out a tranquilizer gun and shoots Spider- Man in the chest.

As Mysterio leaves, he laughs at Peter's attempts to detain him. Quickly batting away his hands, Mysterio declares:“Don’t you realize the basic truth? Spider-Man is DEAD!”


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, Captain Marvel VS. Professor Sneer.
  • Mark Gruenwald was assistant editor on this issue.

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