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A jam-packed issue fraught with drama, tears, and death! Spider-Man fails to save Black Cat from herself, although he does learn interesting secrets from her past. What led Felicia Hardy to a cat burglar’s life? Betty Brant turns the tables on Peter, impressing no one. Plus, devastating news about Aunt May?


Nine Lives Has the Black Cat!

We open with Spider-Man lying under the rubble of a collapsed wall, and The Black Cat leaving the scene, carrying Walter Hardy!

The police and prison guards show up, they try to help Spidey, but Spidey doesn't want to let the authorities know that his arm has been broken!

Cut to The Black Cat putting Walter Hardy gently on a bed. Hardy is confused by his mysterious benefactor, who IS she? The Cat takes off her mask to reveal that she is Walter Hardy's daughter Felicia! She has trained to be the best so she can emulate her father, once known as the cat burglar called "The Cat"!

Felicia's mother walks in, and Felicia tells her to go into the bedroom to see who is there. Felicia steps outside, only to find Spider-Man hanging there! Seems he put two and two together to figure out who the Black Cat really is!

They tussle, and Felicia falls over a ledge! Spidey grabs onto her, but with his broken arm! He can't hold her and she falls into the water below!

Will we ever see the Black Cat again?! Only time will tell!


  • Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.
  • Al Milgrom, Mike Esposito, Jim Mooney and Marie Severin inked this issue under the pseudonym "Many Hands".

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What an issue! The Black Cat storyline was written to be an end, or a beginning, and fan reaction ensured she had other lives to lead. When her mother gets a chance for a sad, stunning "Goodbye", you understand the gravitas of Felicia's choice, and can empathize with her. Add on the lost dalliance with Betty Brant and some darkness from the shadows, this issue ends with the stunning telegram that was teased on the cover - the "death" of Aunt May....

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