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Under pressure from his criminal lackeys, Jigsaw organizes a heist that will draw out costumed super heroes. A night out for Peter Parker and friends turns into a high-crime adventure when Liz Allan and Harry Osborn are captured by Jigsaw! Will Peter be able to save those he holds dear, and protect his identity as Spider-Man?

The Jigsaw is Up!

In the previous issue, Electro was paid $25,000 to blow up a power plant. In this issue, it's revealed why: as the power goes out at a hospital, a group of masked men burst in, and use the blackout as cover to steal the comatose body of John Jameson, who's been in a cryogenics chamber as of a few issues ago.

Peter Parker and Betty Brant are visiting Aunt May whilst this happens, and although Peter is worried that she could die some time soon, Aunt May dismisses these worries, and tells Peter that he should stop worrying and have more fun with his life. As Peter and Betty leave, Betty says to Peter that Aunt May has told them to have fun, and that she's arranging for them to do so.

In a warehouse at the docks, the villain Jigsaw is attacking his gang members, who claim that he's a coward. He tells them that he's not a coward, and that he just doesn't want to fight any more super heroes, as they're too powerful. His gang tell him that that's no reason to stop robbing places, and Jigsaw reluctantly agrees to go on a heist, but says that he doesn't want any superheroes around when they pull it off.

That night, Peter meets up with Betty at the docks, where he finds most of his friends also there. Betty explains that for fun, they're all going to go on a midnight cruise around Manhattan. However, as the cruise starts, Betty notices that Peter doesn't look too happy, and he explains that he shouldn't really be there with her, as she's still technically married. Betty explains that she left Ned, and that she does want to go out with Peter again.

A few minutes later, Jigsaw and his gang board the boat, and demand that everyone give them all their money. Unnoticed to them though, Peter goes away and changes to Spider-Man

He manages to take out the gang members, but Jigsaw grabs Liz Allan as a hostage before he can do anything. When Harry Osborn tries to save her, Jigsaw takes him as a hostage as well, and Spider-Man realises that he has to do this carefully, otherwise the stress could get to Harry and he could become the Green Goblin again. Jigsaw then leaves in the boat he came in with Harry and Liz, and tells Spider-Man that if he sees him, he'll kill both of his hostages.

When they get back to Manhattan, Peter changes to Spider-Man, and starts going looking for Jigsaw. At the pier where he has Liz and Harry, Jigsaw is panicking, as he knows that Spider-Man will come after him no matter what. After a bit of thinking, he decides to let Harry and Liz go, but tells them not to look back or he'll shoot them. Spider-Man catches up to Jigsaw before too long, scaring Jigsaw even more. As Jigsaw runs away from Spider-Man and onto a boat, Spider-Man arrives, and although Jigsaw is about to shoot him, he psyches out and the last second and gives up, giving Spider-Man the chance to web him up and stop him for good.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Captain Marvel Meets The Dreadnought
  • Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.



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