The Amazing Spider-Man #18

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #18 - The End of Spider-Man! released by Marvel on November 1, 1964.

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    More than pleased over the events of last issue (which saw Spider-Man running away from a fight with the Green Goblin), J. Jonah Jameson makes sure that tidbit of news is a front page headline. The Goblin is also ecstatic about being the first super villain to run off Spidey...while some of the web-heads former foes are upset that they weren't the ones to receive recognition for the event. The news also leaves some of New York's other superheroes (and everyday citizens) confused.

    In reality, Peter Parker had to abandon his Spider-Man guise to be with his Aunt May in the hospital. Now that she's out, Peter is finding that her medicine won't last much longer and he'll have to come up some quick cash to purchase more. He decides to sell his Spider-Man image to a trading card company, however he's turned down flat and is accused of being washed up.

    Next he tries to sell his special web fluid formula to an adhesive company. Indeed they're impressed with the strength of the sticky substance...but they're less enthusiastic about it when they find it's not permanent. After being turned down again by the adhesive company, Spider-Man runs into trouble on the street in the form of Sandman. Worried that if he's injured or killed in battle no one will be there to take care of his aunt, Spider-Man opts out of the fight, once again making himself look cowardly in public.

    Fed up with not knowing the truth, the Human Torch spells out a message in the sky for Spider-Man to meet him. When the web-slinger doesn't show, even the Torch begins to ponder the recent change in Spidey. Flash Thompson still believes in his hero however. So much so, in fact, that he dresses up as Spider-Man and tries to apprehend a gang of car thieves. Outmatched by the criminals, Flash is fortunate enough to have the police arrive on the scene before the crooks put him in the hospital.

    Peter believes that his Spider-Man alter ego has caused nothing but problems, so he packs up his costume and deposits it in the trash. After having a talk with his recuperating aunt, though, Peter learns that there's never a reason to be a quitter in life. With that thought firmly tucked in his mind, he retrieves his wall-crawling get-up and vows to accept his destiny as Spider-Man.


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    The Most Character-Driven Story of Spidey's First Year 0

    Part of CV's Top 100 Spider-Man Universe Stories - reviewed!Over the first two years of Spider-Man comics, Stan Lee slowly began to integrate more and more about Peter Parker's life when he wasn't wearing the mask, and the overall quality of the story escalated. And then we get issue #18... "The End of Spider-Man!" where there is no super villain fight whatsoever. Yes, Sandman shows up - but Spider-Man runs away from him!Instead the issue relentlessly pounds the reader with Parker's daily proble...

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    Very Well Done 0

    I have said in many reviews of the older Spiderman issues that what it is lacking is character moments. This is an entire issue, that deals with a young man ( Peter of course ) whose mane concern is not the "bad guy of the month" but of how he is going to pay bills, and make sure his Aunt has the medicine she needs. Some of the ideas are clever. Some are obvious, still it is good to see the man behind the mask being explored. I would appreciate a more real life situation ( the "medicine May nee...

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    Characters Welcome 0

    Good character moments were present in (almost) each issue of The Amazing Spider-Man leading up to this point. #18, however, was the first issue composed entirely of them. Previously, the issues would follow an interchangeable formula. The order of events would vary occasionally, but each of the following things would happen. Firstly, the villain is introduced and Peter interacts with schoolmates/Aunt May for 2-3 pages (or vice versa). Then, Spider-Man battles bad guy of the month (things don't ...

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