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    After his tussle with Green Goblin, Spider-Man is tossed in a dumpster like Monday’s trash! Will Peter Parker be able to abandon his alter-ego in time to save Aunt May? Or will Silvermane continue to deter Spidey from the most important mission of his life?

    The Goblin's Always Greener...!

    At the end of the previous issue, the Green Goblin succeeded in capturing Spider-Man, whom he needs to capture to prove that he should take over the gangs in America. However, Spider-Man needs to get to the hospital, so that he can sign some forms and get Aunt May to surgery. As the Goblin flies along, with Spider-Man in the polymer plastic net he captured him in, some of Silvermane's men shoot the Goblin with a bazooka. This causes the Goblin to drop the net with Spider-Man in it, and he can't go get him because his glider is damaged. The net is weakened enough for Spider-Man to escape. Although Spider-Man falls into a dumpster and is found by Silvermane's thugs, he easily manages to stop them, before rushing to the hospital. When he reaches the hospital, Peter finds out that the doctors have started preparing for surgery, as it's Aunt May's only hope.

    The Green Goblin manages to make it back to his hideout, with the mysterious hostage from last issue still tied up and with a hood covering his face, just in time. He restocks his weapons and replaces his Glider, whilst ranting about how he'll find Silvermane with a transmitter he placed on him. When the hostage doesn't reply, the Goblin pushes the chair he's on over, saying that he'll kill him if he keeps annoying him. He then leaves, saying the only reason he hasn't killed the hostage is because he feels like he owes him something.

    At the hostage, Peter is visited by Robbie Robertson, who tells Peter that he's not going to let Peter go through this alone. As the two talk, someone comes into the room, and tells Peter that he has news about his aunt. Peter is told that Aunt May will be alright, as long as nothing upsets her. Robbie then receives a call from Jonah, who tells Peter that he wants him to go to music hall, where there's some sort of riot going on. Peter agrees to, as Aunt May won't wake up from her anesthetic for a few hours, and he needs something to keep his mind off her.

    Peter arrives at the music hall, where he finds the Green Goblin and Silvermane battling it out. He changes to Spider-Man, and then enters the fight, fighting both the Green Goblin and Silvermane. Eventually, the Goblin uses his Glider to grab Silvermane and fly away to kill him, but Spider-Man follows to the ceiling of music hall. When he grabs onto the glider, it starts falling, unable to support the weight of all three men, and the Goblin yells out that none of them will survive.

    Meanwhile, at the Goblin's hideout, the Goblin's hostage uses the razor sharp edge of the damaged Glider to cut through the ropes that bind him. He then takes off the hood he was wearing to reveal himself as Harry Osborn.

    Notes: Features the Hostess Twinkies Snack Cakes ad, Daredevil in "McBrain's Brain Drain."


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