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    The Green Goblin has finished building his flying "broomstick" and goes off to meet with the Enforcers. They have just been released from jail and the Goblin promises that they will be able to get revenge against Spider-Man. Then the Green Goblin pays a visit to a movie producer. He offers to bring in the Enforcers and Spider-Man so he can film them in a movie. The producer enthusiastically agrees.

    Some days later at school, Liz Allen is telling Peter Parker that he did a good job on his last test when a news report announces that the Green Goblin is looking for Spider-Man. Spider-Man meets with him and the Goblin offers him a role in a movie. Spider-Man goes to the producer's hotel room and finally agrees to sign a $50,000 film contract. He and Aunt May will never have to worry about money again. The next day, J. Jonah Jameson sends Peter to Hollywood to cover the making of the Spider-Man movie. Peter is able to convince Aunt May that he is old enough to take care of himself on the trip. When he first meets with the Goblin and the Enforcers, he thinks that they are actors portraying the real Enforcers. He soon realizes the truth when they are on location in New Mexico. Spider-Man finds a cave to stop and catch his breath. The Green Goblin finds him there and calls the Enforcers to the cave. They move a large boulder over the entrance of the cave so that Spider-Man cannot escape. Spider-Man ends up taking down the Enforcers one at a time. When it's down to just Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, the Hulk suddenly appears. It turns out that this cave was actually one of the Hulk's secret hiding places. The Hulk believes that Spider-Man is there to attack him and they begin fighting. Spider-Man's punches have little affect against the Hulk. Spidey is able to get the Hulk to smash the boulder at the entrance of the cave. Spider-Man and the Green Goblin begin fighting again. When Spider-Man is left in a pool of water, the Goblin believes that he has drowned. He leaves but it turns out that Spider-Man was simply holding his breath. Spider-Man takes the Enforcers out of the cave where they are picked up by an Army helicopter. When Spider-Man visits with the film producer, he is told that since the movie cannot be completed, he will not pay him the $50,000. He does offer to pay his expenses. Rather than fly back home, Peter takes a bus back to save money. The Green Goblin has already arrived in New York and thinks about how he can come up with another plan to take out Spider-Man.


    • This issue was stolen by Arnold Jackson as part of an initiation prank, so he could join the Barracudas. The book's value at the time was $400. It is seen on season 4 episode 5 "The Big Heist" on Diff'rent Strokes.

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    Rather Silly 0

    This isn't the dumbest comic book plot I have ever read, but it does come close. IIt is kind of funy to see the Goblin flying around on a broomstick rather than his glider. However once again the action his well paced and fun. The supporting characters are right back into doing the same thing over and over. Except Liz Allen who is now a big fan of Peter Parkers, and Betty Brant, whose every waking moment seems to be spent on worrying about wether Peter still loves her. I know I have either all...

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    Written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko. This issue marks the first appearence of my all time favorite villian, the green Goblin! The beginning of this comic we have the Green Goblin meeting up with the Enforcers to plan Spider-Man's defeat! They come up with a plan that involves tricking Spidey into coming to New Mexico to star in his own movie. Which he's told he will be paid $50,000. Our hero agrees to be in the movie since he and his aunt May really need the money. When arriving in New ...

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    All the Elements of a Great Comic Without Actually Being Great 0

    Part of CV's Top 100 Spider-Man Universe Stories - reviewed!Another issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, and another classic Spidey villain is introduced - The Green Goblin! And we also get the return of The Enforcers... and if that still wasn't enough, there's a special guest star: The Hulk. So this is an awesome issue, right?Not so fast. There are a lot of problems here. For one thing the characters don't seem to react to each other naturally. For example, the Green Goblin - the creepiest looking ...

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