The Amazing Spider-Man #13

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #13 - The Menace of Mysterio released by Marvel on June 1964.

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    A security guard sees Spider-Man commit a crime and word soon gets to J. Jonah Jameson. The front page of the Daily Bugle has a huge story about Spider-Man being a menace and that Jameson knew this all along. Peter Parker is confused by this as he obviously knows that didn't commit the crime. He wonders if he has become like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and has developed a split personality that is causing him to commit crimes!


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    Enter Mysterio, and a psychiatrist 0

    It almost happened, Stan Lee almost made a move that would surely have been original, and would have treated Spiderman in a way no other hero had ever been. He almost had him go to therapy. Unfortunately Spiderman runs out at the last minute. Sad, considering anyone who has ever read Peter Davids run on X-factor knows how interesting a Superhero in therapy can be. Of course now what I am talking about only takes up maybe four panels of the book. The majority is spent on the battle between Spide...

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    It's Magic! 0

    I'm tired of comic books that treat all technology as if it were magic. Normally I expect a little of this from a Silver Age comic, but this one goes way, way beyond. So Peter Parker is still a super genius and whips up things like tracking devices on a moments notice. And his webs can of course do anything. In this issue for example he falls into the East River and then makes an 'air tight web helmet' to allow himself to breath underwater. I'm all for allowing Spider-Man to do a variety of thin...

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