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Peter encounters a murder scene outside of Mary Jane’s apartment. Although M.J. is a first-hand witness, she refuses to call the police out of fear of retaliation. Spider-Man is attacked by his winged enemy Vulture. Could Vulture be behind the murder of a young woman? And if not, who is?

This issue opens on Spider-Man looking on a dead body outside an apartment, with Mary Jane looking on it in horror. Spider-Man guesses that the person has been murdered, and that Mary Jane would have seen who the murderer is. He then changes to Peter Parker, and questions Mary Jane. However, Mary Jane says that she can't tell Peter who the murderer is, since if she does the murderer will kill her. Peter is disgusted that Mary Jane would keep such important information from him and the police, and changes back to Spider-Man after leaving.

As he goes away, Spider-Man is attacked by the Vulture. At first he thinks that it's simply an old grudge match, before realizing that the Vulture committed the murder, and thinks that Spider-Man saw him do it. Due to some unfortunate luck, Spider-Man almost falls to his death, and while he does survive, he is knocked unconscious. The Vulture then escapes, thinking that Spider-Man is dead. Upon Spider-Man waking up, he goes to the Baxter Building, where he is working on the atrociously-named Spider-Mobile with the Human Torch. After a few hours of working, Spider-Man leaves and returns to his apartment.

A bit later, Harry Osborn comes out of his room, but yells at Peter that they're not friends upon Peter's attempts to talk to him. Confused, Peter leaves and heads to Empire State University, where he tries to talk to Mary Jane about the murder a bit more. However, Mary Jane pretends that she didn't see any murder. A minute later, the Vulture unexpectedly appears, and takes Mary Jane away. Peter runs off and changes to Spider-Man, and goes after the Vulture. Spider-Man manages to save Mary Jane, but then the Vulture flies off, and starts terrorizing a girl in the laboratory. Upon fighting the Vulture, Spider-Man realizes that his hands are more like talons, and that his wings have become a part of his body.

The fight leads outside, and Spider-Man manages to get webbing in the Vulture's eye. The Vulture then grabs Spider-Man, thinking that it's Mary Jane, and flies upwards. Upon tearing the webbing off his eyes and seeing who it really is, the Vulture lets go of Spider-Man, so that he can fall to his death.

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